President Trump’s hard line against undocumented immigrants in America has made deportation a real possibility for an increasing number of minor or first-time offenders, district attorneys are urging prosecutors to consider the potential repercussions for immigrants of a plea deal, reports Vivian Yee.

“At the same time, cities and states are reshaping how the criminal justice system treats immigrants, hoping to hopscotch around any unintended immigration pitfalls,” says Yee.

While some point out that justice is supposed to be blind and treat all defendants the same, abnormal times call for novel measures.

“There’s certainly a line of argument that says, ‘Nope, we’re not going to consider all your individual circumstances, we want to treat everybody the same,’” the prosecuting attorney for Seattle and a longtime Republican told The Times. “But more and more, my eyes are open that treating people the same means that there isn’t a life sentence of deportation that might accompany that conviction.”

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