There’s been a lot written about President Trump’s apparent psychopathology but the president’s relentless stream of lies also mimics a modern form of Russian propaganda known as the “Firehose of Falsehood,” argues Denise Clifton, which aims to entertain, confuse and ultimately overwhelm its audience.

“The New York Times keeps a running tally of the president’s lies since Inauguration Day,” notes Clifton, “and PolitiFact has scrutinized and rated 69 percent of Trump’s statements as mostly false, false, or ‘pants on fire.'”

Trump and his administration’s daily deluge of duplicity matter, says RAND, a nonpartisan research organization that has studied the messaging techniques of Kremlin-controlled media. “The experimental psychology literature suggests that, all other things being equal, messages received in greater volume and from more sources will be more persuasive.”

Like its Russian counterpart, White House propaganda is rapid, continuous, and repetitive and “makes no commitment to objective reality.”

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