Whenever you’re suddenly interrupted by a man who “hasn’t read that one” or “hasn’t seen that one” but feels compelled to supplement your knowledge with all of the information he’s heard on any given subject, insists Jezebel‘s Whitney Kimball, do what Rep. Maxine Waters of California does. Look him straight in the eye and say: “I am reclaiming my time.” Repeat whenever necessary: “Reclaiming my time.”

Waters (D-CA) was attempting to grill Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin last Thursday about his department’s failure to respond to an inquiry she and her Democratic colleagues had sent to the Treasury Department when Mnuchin, in an effort to avoid answering again, began complimenting the congresswoman excessively, enumerating a long list of her accomplishments.

Waters did not let Mnuchin off the hook, however. Instead, she interrupted the secretary, repeatedly and relentlessly, meeting each of his attempts at flattery with a single response, “Reclaiming my time.” And an unforgettable meme was born. In other words, sir, don’t waste my time, I’m onto to you.

By Sunday, reports NPR’s Stephen Thompson, actor and singer Mykal Kilgore had immortalized Waters’ poetic words in a soaring gospel remix.

See the full video on Mykal Kilgore, YouTube.

– Staff

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