So much has happened in the last several days, during the Trump administration’s unofficial White Supremacy Week, says Amanda Marcotte, that you might have missed some of the festivities, such as the president’s speech on Friday, July 28, to police officers recommending police brutality or the Justice Department’s announcement that it would redirect resources and renew efforts to fight discrimination against white college students.

“It doesn’t take much sleuthing to figure out why all this is happening right now,” says Marcotte. “The Russia investigation is heating up and… firings and subsequent leaks — which are probably linked — have further reinforced the public understanding of just how corrupt and incompetent our president is.”

Of course, this only brings us to Tuesday. On Wednesday, White House adviser, Stephen Miller, announced a new White House plan to cut legal immigration in half by prioritizing white and/or English-speaking immigrants over all others.

The flurry of racist celebrations and proclamations is, unfortunately, unsurprising from this president whose approval ratings have fallen to record lows. Perhaps most disturbing to Trump, however, is the fact that his heretofore devoted base is starting to harbor doubts about their feckless leader.

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