R. Kelly has a predilection for young girls. It is no secret. There have been recent allegations that he keeps young women in his home and has indoctrinated them to be subservient to him.

Now a young 24-year-old women, Jerhonda Pace has come forward to allege that she was a victim of Kelly’s at the age of 15 and eventually signed an NDA with him in exchange for money that never came.

According to BuzzFeed News,

Several individuals with firsthand knowledge of the situation have supported Pace’s claims. Additionally, BuzzFeed News reviewed signed legal documents, drafts of settlements between Kelly and Pace, correspondence between Pace and the attorneys involved, a polygraph test performed at the request of her attorney regarding her relationship with Kelly, a probate court document opening an estate for Pace as the result of a civil settlement, and a subsequent payment made by Kelly’s management company to Pace.

Pace’s account of what happened to her is detailed and matches what other women have said about their cult-like experience with Kelly.

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