All of us have seen images of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has so far wrought in Houston. People have lost their homes and will have to rebuild lives as they mourn the loss of what was and all that they had built. But for some women, the future is even bleaker.

Victims of domestic violence rely on shelters and centers to help keep them safe while they rebuild their lives. They count on the safety they provide and the services that help them move forward. Many of the shelters in Houston have been damaged or have been demolished. These women can’t go home to family or to friends because it exposes them to harm. Their abuser knows where they might turn in times like these and will use this opportunity to once again stalk or harm them.

Shelters in Houston are doing their best to cope. Some have had to send women as far as six hours away to find a safe place for them to stay. Supplies are being donated but the work of rebuilding takes on a new meaning when one has the additional burden of staying safe from the threat of violence.

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