The Environmental Protection Agency has put John Konkus, a former Trump campaign aide and a man without any knowledge of environmental issues in charge of approving the grants that the EPA administers. This politicization of the process is something new and not a normal part of the review process. Prior to Trump’s Administration, both Republicans and Democrats have not used the agency as a political weapon. That has now changed.

From The Washington Post, ” ‘We didn’t do a political screening on every grant, because many of them were based on science, and political appointees don’t have that kind of background,’ said former EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman, who served under Bush. She said she couldn’t recall a time when that administration’s political appointees weighed in on a given award.”

A man without any prior experience in environmental policy is deciding who can receive grants and who can’t. Just another example of the swamp rising to new levels.

Oh, and according to The Post he doesn’t want to see the words “climate change.”

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