When explaining why the Trump administration had chosen to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects nearly 800,000 young, unauthorized immigrants from our country’s deportation program, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made several false claims about the program, reports Vox, including how immigration has affected the US economy.

Here are the first two employed by AG Sessions:

“The DACA program was implemented in 2012 and essentially provided a legal status for recipients for a renewable two-year term, worker authorization and other benefits, including participation in the Social Security program, to 800,000 mostly adult illegal aliens.”  FALSE

The whole point of DACA and the DREAM Act, which has failed to pass several times in Congress, was to provide a way for immigrant children who were brought to the US by their parents to go to school and to work in America legally.

“The effect of this unilateral executive amnesty, among other things contributed to a surge of minors at the southern border with humanitarian consequences.”  FALSE

The border surge started in 2011, a year before DACA was implemented. Since then, many researchers have concluded that the surge had most to do with increasing violence and worsening economic conditions in Central American countries, which were forcing people to escape in unprecedented numbers.

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