Last spring, 37-year-old Marleen Brooks, says she unexpectedly received a handwritten letter from a 90-year-old woman she had never met. Turns out, the note was from her neighbor, Wanda Mills, who lived across the street, a couple of doors down from Marleen, reports Tara Bahrampour.

“Would you consider to become my friend. I’m 90 years old — live alone and all my friends have passed away. I am so lonesome and scared. Please — I pray for some one,” the note read.

“Brooks wondered how many others out there were living like Mills, unknown to their neighbors,” says Bahrampour.

Recalling that her own grandmother had died alone in hospice, says Bahrampour, Brooks brought cupcakes to Mills the very next day, bringing a friend with her.

They soon found out that Mills had lived in her home for 51 years, outliving her husband, sister and one of her three sons.

After the visit, Brooks posted a picture on Facebook urging readers to check in on their neighbors and invited them to send letters to Mills, opening a post office box for her.

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