The highly anticipated opening of Stephen King’s “It” smashed box office records, earning a whopping $117 million during its opening weekend. Just days before the film’s opening, fans of President Donald Trump called for a boycott of the film due to the author’s “relentless criticism of the president,” reports Rebecca Shapiro. “It didn’t work.”

Okay, Everyone. Please DO NOT go see Stephen King’s new "IT" movie this weekend when it opens. If you have to see it, wait till after opening weekend so he has a lousy showing this week. Trump stands up for us, so we should stand up for him! from The_Donald

The ongoing feud between Trump supporters and King intensified last month when King learned that Trump had blocked him on Twitter. In turn, King attempted to “block” the president from seeing “It” and “Mr. Mercedes.”

Instead, according to Variety, the film adaptation of King’s novel has officially shattered a number of box office records. Though only the third-largest opening weekend of 2017, “It” crushed the record for largest September debut set by “Hotel Transylvania 2” in 2015, and is the biggest opening weekend ever by a horror or supernatural film.

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