Nothing this president does should surprise any thinking individual. A racist, a sexist, a xenophobe, Donald Trump views everything he does through bile-colored lenses. His impact on all parts of our government will be felt for generations to come, especially when it comes to our justice department.

Now, he has nominated 42 people to be US attorneys. Only one is a woman. US attorneys are pivotal figures in making sure that federal law is carried out, and it is a position that leads to other opportunities in the future.

Leaving women out of that process can only mean that women’s issues will not be part of the agenda during a Trump administration.

From equal pay and sexual harassment to reproductive rights, we can expect that such issues will fall by the wayside. So much of the progress that has been made has been through our justice system. It has often provided cover when the legislative branch has failed to protect women. This is an abject failure on the part of Trump’s administration.

According to BuzzFeed News:

‘It’s a slap in the face,’ said Joyce Vance, a former US attorney in Alabama who was one of Obama’s early nominees in 2009, of Trump’s decision to nominate predominantly men. ‘It’s a statement that this is not a priority.’

Vance said that in not elevating women to these positions, the administration was starting a chain reaction that would keep women lawyers out of leadership posts in the future.

‘US attorneys often become judges, partners in big law firms, even senators, and restricting women from advancing by excluding them from the US attorney positions is really a giant step backwards,’ Vance said.

Voting has consequences. Lack of thinking has consequences. Together they become the opportunity for disaster. A vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton in 2016 led us to this place.

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