Voter fraud is practically non-existent. People are not running from state to state to vote or falsifying documents in order to vote in any real tangible way that proves the nonsense spread by Republicans. The sole purpose of Trump’s election commission is to come up with false narratives in order to make it harder to vote.

Our democracy is based on one person one vote. It is the foundation for a government run by the people. To make it hard to vote, to make it specifically hard for Black people to vote is racist and unpatriotic. But that doesn’t matter to Trump and his cronies.

Trump can’t believe that he didn’t win the popular vote so he has created a commission to support his lies that there were millions of ballots cast illegally. There weren’t.

There is not an ounce of proof of his contention, but that hasn’t stopped its Vice Chair Kris Kobach from continuing to assert, without fact, that people indeed voted illegally.

Last week he made a fool of himself by suggesting that because people used out-of-state driver’s licenses as ID’s that he had indeed found the evidence he was looking for. What he actually found was evidence that out-of-state college student has used the legal right to cast a ballot in New Hampshire.

According to Mother Jones,

As the commission meets Tuesday for the second time to discuss potential changes to the way Americans vote, its members have been busy promoting falsehoods like these, exacerbating concerns that they’ll use any pretense to restrict access to the ballot under the guise of eliminating voter fraud. The witness list for the meeting — 100 percent white men — includes people who have floated radical ideas like requiring background checks for voting.

Expect more lies and more false information to be spread by the commission in its attempt to ensure that Republican voters – white folks – are more apt and able to vote than people of color.

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