Dolores Huerta has spent her life fighting, standing, resisting those that seek to rob Latinos of their human rights. At 87, a mother of eleven with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in her pocket one would think that she might want to spend more time with her family and let others take up the fight. But not Dolores.

In an interview with Broadly, she shares what motivates her and her reason for taking on her newest cause, the plight of the dreamers,

The one thing I learned in the movement for justice is that you never quit and you never go back. Things happen sometimes, and we don’t know why. Like, when we look back, and we say, “Why was this guy elected President of the United States?” Maybe it’s because we had to come to terms with the racism in this country. We’ve never done that and now we know that it’s going to bring our country down. It’s going to affect the whole world if we don’t take care of it here. Now that it’s facing us, and we see all these things that he’s doing: attacking people of color, transgender people, women’s reproductive rights, and now DACA.

Read more of the interview at Broadly.

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