Meredith Lane Hight was hosting a football watch party at her home in Plano, Texas on Sunday night when her estranged husband, Spencer Hight, entered and fatally shot her and seven of her friends, two women and five men, in a brutal rampage now being called the Plano Massacre.

The gunman, Spencer Hight, 32, was eventually shot dead by police, Meredith’s mother, Debbie Lane, told WFAA-TV, while two other victims were rushed to the hospital. One later died there, reports Tom Cleary. All of the murdered guests had been friend’s of Spencer’s and Meredith’s, some even members of their wedding party.

Meredith Lane Hight, 27, filed for divorce from her husband, Spencer James Hight, on July 17, according to Collin County court records obtained by Heavy.

Although Meredith didn’t share many details of her marriage, Lane said that Meredith did tell her that Spencer “was an alcoholic and that she worked for two years to try and help him.” Lane also told the Dallas Morning News that her daughter had said that Spencer was violent at least twice, including once in 2016 when he slammed her face into a wall.

“I don’t think he was crazy, I think we make choices consciously,” Debbie Lane told WFAA. “He was not stupid. I think he chose evil.”

Different types of firearms were found at the scene, Police Chief Gregory Rushin confirmed, but he did not say whether all of the guns had been brought by Spencer Hight. Police are also looking into whether the guns were owned legally, says Cleary.

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