Every time Trump opens his mouth I cannot believe that this man is President of the United States. His inability to articulate a thought and his use of simple repetitive phrasing is astonishing. A vocabulary that seeming consists of very few words and phrases such as “tremendous,” “big league,” “very” and “great” is hard to listen to, at least for me. I feel it is a constant reminder of how uneducated and how unfit this man is to be President. From every tweet to every statement it makes me cringe in shame for this nation.

But his pattern of speaking may be more insidious. It seems that there is an upside for Trump’s using short words and simple phrasing. It is easy to remember and because we remember it we repeat it.

Barbara J. King asks,

So is there reason for concern about this strange phenomenon so many of us are living through, that when Trump repeats simple phrases for the world to hear — the same ones again and again — some stick hard and fast in our minds and we rush to quote them back to each other? Is this practice (again, no matter whether adoring of, or appalled by, Trump) causing a mind-altering immersion in a Trumpian worldview that we don’t even quite realize?

Oh God, I hope not…

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