President Trump has once again shown himself to be unfit to be a leader on the world stage. After the bombing of a London subway, he tweeted responses which were un-Presidential and disgraceful.

Prime Minister Theresa May made it clear to CNN that she has no time for such unhelpful remarks. Making judgments without the facts is something Trump patted himself on the back for when he explained the delay in his response to the terrorist incident in Charlottesville Virginian. He said that he waited to respond until all the facts were known. This morning he did not wait. At the end of the day in both instances, he got the facts wrong.

More repugnant is his boasting. Whenever he has the opportunity to crow about what he has supposedly accomplished, in this instance his progress against ISIS (which is non-existent), he doesn’t consider the facts or the political situation he is responding to. He doesn’t understand the weight of his position. More important to him is to find a way to grandstand and to insert his accomplishments into the conversation. He is an embarrassment.



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