Brock Turner was found guilty of rape but spent only three months in jail, having been sentenced to a mere six. The outrage over the light sentence, he could have served 14 years in prison, was widespread and the outcry became even greater after the young woman wrote a victim impact statement that was widely circulated by the media.

Now professor Callie Rennison has made sure that Brock Turner’s name will be synonymous for many with the textbook definition of rape. She included a picture of him in a section of the Introduction to Criminal Justice: Systems, Diversity, and Change. When asked why, by Linda Yang for Broadly, Rennison replied:

When we set out to write this textbook, we wanted to incorporate many things. We saw diversity, attention to victims, and contemporary topics [missing from existing texts]. We also wanted to present a view of the real criminal justice system versus the ideal that is discussed in most other books. To accomplish this, we included many contemporary topics and material that students routinely ask about. For example, students ask about human and sex trafficking, we included that. Students ask about careers such as being a crime analyst, we included that. Students ask about college student victimization [and] campus violence, we included that. And related to that topic, students ask about Mr. Brock Turner.

Let us hope that it is a long time before anyone forgets this man’s name and what he did.

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