Hillary Clinton was a longtime advocate for children and education. Had she been elected, she would never have chosen someone like Betsy DeVos to be the Secretary of Education. She would have searched for someone with a background in education, someone who had been educated to be an educator, not a billionaire businesswoman with no educational credentials.

DeVos’s ignorance as well as her unabashed attempts to make our schools in the image of her religious beliefs, all while creating an opportunity for private companies to profit from our children are despicable.

On the heels of rolling back Title IX requirements regarding the reporting and handling of sexual assault cases by universities, DeVos has now eliminated the oversight of student loans by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

According to NPR, “This move leaves 44 million student loan borrowers, owing $1.4 trillion in debt, with potentially less, or at least less-coordinated, oversight of their rights.”

The argument to eliminate the oversight suggests that there are too many agencies doing the same thing, which is another way of saying “too much regulation.” What the GOP and its mega donors don’t want you to know is that CFPB has been effective in addressing the needs of students who have dealt with some of the for-profit loan companies.

This is the conservative mantra. Screw the little guy so the buy guy can make a shit load of money. DeVos is all about the money, not our children or their futures.

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