The island of Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. A category five when it hit, the hurricane was the strongest to make landfall there since 1928. The entire territory is without power. Already affected by a financial crisis, the storm brings enormous additional suffering to a people who have long endured their share of poverty and hard times.

Many of the British and the US Virgin Islands have been destroyed, and it may take years to rebuild after the impact of Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria.  The island nation of Barbuda is no longer habitable. St John, St. Martin, Tortola, have all sustained extreme damage.

Most of these islands rely on tourism to exist, making the challenges of rebuilding even greater. Billions of dollars and a multi-pronged approached will be needed to help bring these island nations back to life and to ensure that the people are able to survive during the rebuilding efforts.

Colorlines has put together a list of agencies that are specifically targeting efforts to help local communities that have been affected by the devastation, communities that are primarily composed of people of color. These agencies are not only looking to address immediate needs but are looking to be part of the long-term efforts to rebuild.

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