Three Republican senators have introduced a new immigration bill that allows some undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children a 15-year pathway to citizenship. The Solution for Undocumented Children through Careers Employment Education and Defending our nation (SUCCEED) Act — coauthored by Sens. James Lankford (OK), Thom Tillis (NC), and Orrin Hatch (UT) also prohibits those same immigrants from sponsoring their family members for legalization, reports Esther Yu Hsi Lee.

“Although the Republican sponsors “framed the bill on the principles of: ‘compassion, prevention, merit, and fairness,’ immigrant advocates were horrified by the bill’s restrictions,” says ThinkProgress.

The bill, a far more restrictive version of the DREAM Act, requires undocumented immigrants to be “consistently” employed 48 out of 60 months, earning a college degree, or serving in the military, while trying to earn conditional permanent residence status.

“The Succeed Act introduced today is… another bill brought forward by Republicans that continues to criminalize immigrant communities,” said spokesperson ,Kica Matos, for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), in a statement.

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