With each passing day the nightmare that Trump represents in each and every situation becomes clearer.  Last week Hillary Clinton had to tweet to remind him to send the USS Comfort to Puerto Rico which can supply 30 days worth of medical supplies. Today after the mass shooting she points out that the gun lobby has proposed allowing it to be easier to obtain silencers.

Had the shooter, Stephen Paddock had a silencer on his gun it would have allowed him to kill far more people. The sound of the shooting acted as a warning. Clinton tweeted, 

The NRA would have you believe, laughably that they are concerned about safety. Silencers protect people’s hearing…  The pitch is that silencers not only protect people’s hearing but stop children from being afraid of the loud noises that guns make making guns more palatable to kids.

This kind of unchallenged preposterous thinking is why people are still dying without any kind of real challenge from the people we elect to govern. The NRA lines the pockets of both the Democrats and the GOP.   And the only thing we are supposed to do is pray.

Hillary Clinton gets that it is not enough.




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