Republicans, the NRA and of course President Trump would have you believe that ISIS is the greatest threat to Americans.  It is a fallacy.

The greatest threat to Americans, the one that has killed more innocent people than all of the attacks by radicalized Muslims or foreign terrorists since 911 is the white American male. The numbers are proof and yet if you were to listen to Trump that is not what keeps him up at night. It is the non-existent history of attacks by Muslims from countries that he has banned. That’s right. There have been no attacks perpetrated by people from the countries that he has banned against the United States. None.

According to Vox,

…none of the perpetrators of the major US terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Islam in the past 15 years have come from the nations on Trump’s travel ban (either the original one or the new, revised version that was released late last month). In fact, the country home to the biggest number of terrorists who have carried out successful attacks inside the US is the US itself.

Homegrown terrorists, disgruntled white males have proven far more dangerous to the American public than ISIS or any foreigner.  That doesn’t fit the Republican narrative as it interferes with their precious right to own assault weapons and a gun no matter what the circumstance. They want Americans to be afraid of people of color, of Muslims and of foreigners when in fact we are more likely to be killed by the white man next door.

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