The parable of the frog being boiled alive — with the poor creature jumping out immediately if the water is red hot, but, if the heat is cranked up slowly, not realizing its plight until it’s too late — may not be based on science (so don’t try this on little Croaky). But in politics, sweating officials are still doing the backstroke.
Americans are becoming used to abhorrent events, shocked, and wondering if anything can be done to make things better. After every man-made or natural disaster, or every statement from a leader that crosses the line, we wonder if the water will ever be hot enough to get a rise out of those in charge. So we do the best we can.

In Las Vegas this week, President Donald Trump is praising the first responders, doctors and law enforcement, as he should. And every heart breaks over testimonials from survivors, alive due only to the sacrifice of friends and strangers.

Part of the reaction, of course, is because Americans’ default is optimism. Part of the country’s character is to look for the positive in the worst circumstances.

And so we saw, again, the search for heroes in the chaos.  There were plenty, often ordinary citizens who risked their lives, acting as we hope we would.

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