A new report demonstrates how terrorist groups, like ISIS and Boko Haram, promote rape and slavery in order to attract new recruits—especially men with a history of sexual violence and domestic abuse, reports Sirin Kale.

Researchers from the Henry Jackson Society, a British think tank, examined academic literature as well as terrorist propaganda, victim testimonials, and reports of human rights abuses to gain a better understanding of how sexual violence and terrorism intersect.

The report points to ISIS fighters with prior histories of rape, arguing that the very promise of sexual slaves effectively attracts such men to join the fight.

“According to the report, sexual violence is woven throughout the ideology of terrorist groups like Boko Haram and ISIS. It is a highly profitable industry, with women being sold among fighters or back to their relatives for lucrative ransom payments,” Kale says.

However, the terrorists also rely on sexual violence to aggressively expand their own ranks by forcing sexually enslaved women to convert to Islam and bear children—the next generation of foot soldiers.

Thus, the violence is passed down through generations.

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