For months, President Trump has threatened to end Obamacare subsidy payments, which make health insurance copayments and deductibles under Obamacare more affordable for low-income Americans.

Last Thursday, Trump made good on his threat, ending these key federal subsidies, which are drawn from a $7 billion fund set up specifically to cover these costs, reports Sarah Kliff.

“There is no question that this new policy is lose-lose-lose for key stakeholders with no upside,” says Kliff.

In essence, Kliff notes, with his executive order, Trump has enacted “a policy where the government spends billions more to insure fewer people” — a policy that “helps nobody and hurts millions.”

With this move, in addition to cutting the open enrollment period in half, Trump has made plain his primary motive: to undermine the key objective of the Affordable Care Act, which, as the law’s name suggests, to provide affordable quality health insurance to as many Americans as possible.

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