It was Hillary Clinton who told the world that women’s rights were human rights. Jimmy Carter has made fighting for women’s rights the “fight of his life.” Millions of people around the globe recognize that at every level, in every arena, women are at a disadvantage. Some of the horrors that young girls are subjected to are barbaric and, in this day and age, hard to believe. A recent case in India is proof that so much work has to be done to change thinking especially within communities whose extremist views relegate women to the status of possessions to be bartered for.

According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation:

Police in the southern Indian city, a hub for tech companies, last month busted a racket involving wealthy men from Gulf states such as Oman and Dubai “marrying” teenage Muslim girls in Hyderabad for the duration of their stay in India.

At the time of the marriage, the men signed post-dated divorce documents, to be delivered to the brides after their new husbands had left the country.

The marriages were performed by a Muslim officiant, or qazi, who forged the bride’s age to show her as an adult. The main qazi who performed these marriages in Hyderabad was arrested last month.

It goes on to say:

In the few cases when the young brides did accompany their husbands back to their home country, they were forced into domestic servitude or sexual slavery, police said.

Men sold unsuspecting girls into marriages so foreign visitors could have sex during their trips to India. Some took them back home where they were enslaved.  India, of course, is not alone in its backward and horrific history of its treatment of women, but it often stands out as a place where horror stories are part of their daily fare.

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