Living legend and dance culture icon Grace Jones asked director Sophie Fiennes to film her as she recorded her 2008 album Hurricane and traveled to Jamaica, writes Kat McLaughlin, a few years after she had met the director at a screening of her film, Hoover Street Revival, in the early 2000s.

The film followed the work of Jones’ brother Noel Jones who was a minister in South Central Los Angeles. Jones told Fiennes she loved the film.

“Fiennes switches between a captivating live performance and behind the scenes footage as Grace journeys across the globe singing her hits and meeting old friends and lovers,” says McLaughlin.

But Fiennes latest documentary film goes well beyond simply paying tribute to a consummate performer. The director followed Jones on family visits in Jamaica where she was able to capture intimate moments of both sorrow and joy, McLaughlin says.

“Grace had a mission on that trip to Jamaica to confront things that she needed to work through to be able to be in Jamaica and to be free of those ghosts,” Fiennes told Broadly. “The ghost of her grandfather haunted the film. They were all there for a Jones family reunion. In a way she wanted her parents to talk about it and through it. But her parents were of a generation where they didn’t think it was necessary to talk about it.”

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