One month after the earthquake, millions of people in Mexico share the “unique pain of seeing certainties fall apart,” reports Allessandro Parente.

Ana Rosa Lorenzo is one of the many women who is leading rescue efforts across the country. Lorenzo is focused on cleaning up debris and recreating green spaces.

“Right now I want to help, but at the same time I want to demonstrate that women can help in every context, even in heavy labor or high-risk situations, like in my case. We’re also mothers, so maybe this gives us more energy,” Lorenzo told Broadly.

Sharon Terán, a civil volunteer, is also working in Mexico City. Since the earthquake, she’s been helping in different places—in Eugenia, and in the collection centers.

“Every place I’ve been to has left me with a scar for what was once there, for what has been lost. There is also a scar upon the city and in all of our hearts because we’ve walked through the streets and we’ve lived it,” says Terán.

Since the beginning of the emergency, there has been a strong sense of unity, and as Paola Delfin, another Los Todos rescue worker in Mexico City, put it: It wasn’t an ego struggle, it was more about giving what you could for as long as you could. It’s impressive what’s been achieved in terms of unity.”

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