All of those people who thought that Trump was going to Make America Great Again and translated that into meaning that the little guy was going to get his day in the sun will be frozen solid in hell before that happens.

Snowballs are more likely in their future than any rays of sunlight.

Trump and his Republican cohorts, including the ones who recently called him out, have made sure that they took care of the boys that made it possible for him and them to win. Who are those boys? The banks, the big-boys that screwed the American public in 2008 and are setting up to do it all over again.

Yesterday Vice President Pence cast the tie-breaking vote that eliminated the right of consumers to sue their banks and credit card companies.

As usual Senator Elizabeth Warren nailed it,

The legislation that is headed to Trump’s desk for his signature is part of the administration’s plan to gut regulations that have been put in place to protect consumers from the bad acts of corporations.

Republicans would have you believe that corporations are capable of policing themselves and that when there is a problem that arbitration is a far better way of responding to an issue rather than a lawsuit.  Time after time that has not proven to be true as many banks, car companies, credit companies have proven to be completely incapable of any level of transparency. Rather than admit to wrongdoing, their first response in many cases, if not most, is to cover it up.

Their first or even second thought is not of the consumer, it is always their ass or the bottom line.

For those who voted for Trump or any Republican with the notion that they support consumers over big business it would behoove you to learn a little about our recent history, about trickle-down economics and the recent debacle in Kansas concerning so-called tax reform. It would save us all a great deal of heartache.

Until then, those of us who expect this horror to happen and know that it will continue, will alternately laugh and cry as we live our way through this mess that once again a Democrat will have to clean up.

-Jan Harrison


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