They call you names, the pick up the phone and threaten to kill you. They follow you home from work and take down your license plate. They stand outside the clinic where you provide women with all kind of health services including abortion and show pictures of dead babies and scream ungod-like words. They call you and hope that you will help their daughter get an abortion…

Not every woman who works for Planned Parenthood or a Woman’s Healthcare clinic goes through the above-described scenario but it accurately depicts what  Karen Pieper Hildebrand endured when she ran a Planned Parenthood clinic in Odessa Texas.  The clinic has long since closed but she is still an advocate and still on the front lines for women in a community that wants no part of what she is doing, at least in public.

It is women like Karen who make a difference, that create hope and give other women an opportunity to find a way when all seems lost.

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