How hard is it to see, to know, to feel the beauty within us and around us as our world is rocked each and every day.  Today may be our last, there may be no tomorrow. Living in a state of fear and rage is not truly living. To choose to be present, to be truly “awoke” is a choice too few of us realize that we have. We’ve become inured to a daily rage that feels as if it is our only option in the face of these terrifying times.

Our nation, our democracy is at risk.

To suggest so is not hyperbole but rather a realistic digestion of President of the United States’ daily lies and daily attempts to obstruct justice, and the utter lack of courage by the complicit soldiers of the GOP.

Emboldened by the Congress, state legislatures are looking to stage their own mini-coups as exampled by the Pennsylvania’s legislature’s attempt to impeach five State Supreme Court Justices because they don’t like a ruling the Court handed down. The Supreme Court sided with the State, so now the GOP legislature, unwilling to accept the ruling that they had to redraw their electoral map, have decided to take it a step further.  Impeachment is for misconduct, it is a last resort. It is not a go to method when you don’t like the ruling of the court.

But this is what we have come to, a place where are justice system is under attack, where laws no longer apply to the powerful, where winning is everything and our national integrity nothing.

This one instance of what we face every day as we deal with this new reality reminds us that it hasn’t gotten better and that with every passing day it gets worse. How do we remind ourselves of our joy? How do we find a way forward that allows us to stand up against all that is wrong, yet at the same time provide paths to moments of joy and laughter.

It is so easy to get caught up in Twitter and Facebook; to release anger by engaging with strangers who disagree. Minutes and then hours go by and nothing is accomplished.  Maybe you got more followers, maybe you found a new friend, but at what sacrifice?  Have you talked to your children? Have you reached out to a friend to set a date or just reached out for a conversation? Have you taken the time for a good book, to go to a movie, to spend some time contemplating your navel? When was the last time you had sex? When was the last time you visited your neighbor? When was the last time you took a walk without your phone?

I get that engaging in social media can feel like one is doing something – to shout to the Twitter heavens, in the hope that you will be heard, that your voice will make a difference.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with tweeting your rage as long as it not all that you do. It is imperative now more than ever that we make human connections. That we take time to look around and appreciate what we have in our lives, to acknowledge the beauty within and without. It is our true sustenance.

As we live each day, all of it counts, all of it matters.  Standing up, fighting, loving, communicating, listening, moments of joy and laughter, a recognition that there is so much more than reality.  To forget that we need each other now more than ever, that we need the touch of a hand, a hug, a great conversation and the peace of silence, is not to live our lives fully and more than that it is an acknowledgement that they are winning, not just the battle but the war.  We cannot let that happen. We can work to rebuild our nation, we cannot make up for time lost.

-Jan Harrison

Jan Harrison is a co-founder of Garnet News and founder of


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