Parkland kids are letting us know, “never again.” They lived through a horror most of us will never know. The fear that any second that you or a classmate, someone you may have shared those pivotal years with would die. Blood covered the floors and the bodies of dead children, fearless teachers and coaches lay strewn about. A sight no one should ever see, and certainly one that no child should ever have to endure. It will live forever with them as will seeing the anguish of friend’s parents so vividly displayed, etched in their faces; faces and hearts that will never be the same again.

And yet they didn’t lie down.  They didn’t stay silent. They didn’t let the horror stop them from rising up and saying “never again.”  Within hours they were saying things we had not heard before from the victims who have survived a shooting.  They were and are angry. Accurately, they are blaming us, the grownups in the room. They are pointing fingers and saying “You have done nothing.”

And they are right. We have done nothing.

We have let children die at the hands of young men and men carrying semi-automatic weapons. Guns whose only purpose is to kill people. Guns that no normal citizen should or needs to own. We have issued prayers and moments of silence as if that has ever made a difference. The NRA buys its way into the supposed hearts of politicians whose only goal is to remain in power, not to care for the lives of innocent Americans. They are the same that continue to line their pockets with their contributions as they offer nothing, no change, no commitment, except their ludicrous prayers after the fact. Nothing to stop it from ever happening again.



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  1. i am so proud of all of the kids speaking out. I know if those kids that were murdered were alive they would be right there with all those brave strong kids. I can’t tell you how strong and clear you are on guns. Please don’t give up keep marching keep talking you will be heard.

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