Is there anything more important than making choices every day that align with our hearts and our politics? For many of us it is hard to go a day without discussing our current political climate and the daily chaos that now reigns in our government.  While it isn’t healthy to stay immersed in the terror, it is clearly also not sane to ignore what is happening. As we strive for a delicate balance of staying informed and staying present, it is important to be able to find the ways that we can feel empowered. Being a victim or feeling helpless as we watch our nation become something we no longer recognize is not the way out or forward. Each one of us needs to embrace what we can do to make a difference.

  1. Stop allowing family or friends to feel comfortable talking about race in derogatory terms.
    Many find it extremely difficult to confront family or friends who are racist.  They prefer to ignore it and not engage. To do so is to be part of the problem and part of the reason why so many now feel empowered to exhibit their racism without shame. Donald Trump is a racist and anyone who voted for him is a racist. You don’t get to split hairs and suggest that even though you voted for him, when it was clear to anyone paying attention that he had a history of documented racist behavior, that you aren’t a racist.  You bought it. You own it.  If you claim to be different, if you believe that Black lives matter and that racism is wrong, then you cannot sit silently by. Accepting their words of hate without response makes you complicit. Make a difference and stand-up. Say ‘no more.’ When you do, you are taking a step forward.



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