Russian president Vladimir Putin easily cruised to a fourth term this past weekend, surprising absolutely no one. The only nail-biters were how many people would head to the polls — always unpredictable when the victor is certain — and how completely Putin would trounce the token opposition. Now, presumably, the newly re-elected leader can turn his attention to meddling in elections in other countries.

Speaking of the United States, while both Democrats and Republicans would prefer a little more predictability in the November midterms, if not Russian-style oversight, it is members of the GOP who seem most nervous about the eventual outcomes, especially in close House races. And while the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was officially disbanded in January, its spirit lingers on in hints from officials that certain votes should count more than others.

But after Democrat Conor Lamb appeared to have defeated Republican Rick Saccone by a few hundred votes in a special congressional election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District, echoes of that refrain resurfaced for a moment, before both candidates moved on to focus on the next contests in a changing, redistricted landscape. The state GOP sent a letter to the Pennsylvania secretary of state asking him to look into “a number of irregularities,” including complaints about voters not appearing on the rolls.

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