The words Americans now say, listen to and ignore in the world of politics once would have been publicly, if not privately, unacceptable — even in the world of sports.

Don’t believe me?

Back in 1987, Al Campanis, Dodgers executive and onetime player, famous for his warm friendship with baseball’s legendary Jackie Robinson, got in trouble for televised remarks that African-Americans may not have “some of the necessities” for management positions. The next year, CBS Sports commentator Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder was fired over his belief that black people were superior athletes because “during the slave trading, the owner, the slave owner, would breed his big woman so that he would have a big black kid, see.”

What does it say about how far America has come and has fallen that in 2018 similar language is endorsed, perhaps tacitly, and certainly not questioned by those who would lead us?

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