“The state of our union is strong.” It is the line that is prominently featured in the speech of every president when he (and so far, it’s been a he) stands before Congress for a political ritual that remains impressive. Political theater? Sure, and why not. A country without a monarch craves a little pomp now and again, no matter the partisan sniping that precedes and follows it.

But what does that statement actually mean once the booming chants of “USA, USA” — which are sounding more aggressive than affirming lately — fade?

It was in the news, briefly and certainly not prominently enough in a country that considers itself a beacon, that our government has misplaced children. The Trump administration has said it can’t guarantee that all the children and parents separated at the southern border will ever be reunited. In fact, while the political parties and the president haggle over the type and price of border security, the administration admits that bringing families back together is not a priority and may not be a possibility.

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