A Florida woman, who is a victim of domestic violence, was jailed for 3 days by a Seminole County Judge Jerri Collins who found her in contempt of court.  The woman was an emotional mess and anxious. Even though her husband had allegedly choked her,  she didn’t want to testify against him because she has a one year old and has nothing; no home, no resources and the last time he went to jail he lost his job and so was unable to support her.  The Judge rather than to direct her to resources that could help her, berated her and threw her in jail for 3 days.

‘Why didn’t you show up to court?’ Collins interrupted.

‘ I’m just, my anxiety’… she replied.

‘You think you’re going to have anxiety now? You haven’t even seen anxiety,’ Collins told the woman in the footage published this week by WFTV Channel 9.

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