While America has done an amazing job of unlocking the talent of its women, particularly in the work force, the percentage of women drops significantly at the more senior levels—from over 50 percent at entry level to 10 to 20 percent in senior management

On the one hand, many women who started out with passion and ambition soon find themselves in an unexpected bind that men rarely, if ever, have to face. Despite their competence, talent and love for the job, many women are eventually forced to choose between their careers and families, primarily because their mostly male bosses make it impossible for them to do both, by refusing requests for time-off or attenuated work schedules or location changes, for example.

On the other hand, for 42 million women living near the poverty level, there is even less of a choice. Not showing up for work, for many, could mean losing their jobs or losing the money they need to support their family that week.

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