Police told Heather Marlowe that her rape kit hadn’t been tested because there was a backlog of “more important crimes.”  Five years have passed since the day that Marlowe says she was drugged and raped, and the police have yet to process her rape kit.  Marlowe alleges that police asked her to help investigate her rape and said if she refused that they would close the case.  After two attempts to contact the alleged rapist, Marlowe refused to participate.

It is five years later, and she still does not know if the rape kit was processed and if so what were the results. She has filed a lawsuit that, “names the city of San Francisco; Suzy Loftus, the president of the San Francisco Police Commission; SFPD Chief Greg Surh; SFPD Deputy Chief Mikail Ali; and Officer Joe Cordes and asks for confirmation the kit be tested and monetary damages.”

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