MANCHESTER, NH – Two days after Bernie Sanders entered the presidential fray, Elizabeth Ropp was ready. She shoved furniture to the walls of her modest inner city bungalow creating standing room only for the overflow house party crowd that arrived on a Saturday in May to officially launch Sanders’ New Hampshire Primary campaign.

She’s been canvassing and phone banking ever since. Despite her obvious dedication to the cause, she’s also found herself dodging a singular barb coming from her Hillary Clinton campaign counterparts.

It’s relentless, she says.

Ever since May I’ve been getting the same question, over and over: ‘Will you ultimately support Hillary?’ I resent that.

 “Ever since May I’ve been getting the same question, over and over: ‘Will you ultimately support Hillary?’ I resent that,” says Ropp, 39, who works at a community acupuncture clinic.

“I don’t hear anyone asking Hillary supporters if they’ll support Bernie. We’ve had this uphill battle and, right now, Bernie’s campaign is going great. So, my answer is not to answer. I say that I’m focusing on the primary right now, because I feel we have a really good shot,” says Ropp.

Elizabeth Ropp with Bernie Sanders / Image credit: Carol Robidoux

When pressed, she still can’t bring herself to go down that road. Not yet.

“I think I find Hillary’s support from the Wall Street’s banks really troublesome, and I fear she wouldn’t bring any change, or progress. Then, I look at Cruz or Trump, and that just pushes me harder to do everything I can to make sure Bernie’s the nominee. I’m fighting hard to not have to make that kind of choice.”

Ropp is among the ranks of New Hampshire’s 384,000 or so “undeclared” voters, which make up about 44 percent of the state’s 874,000 registered voters, according to the most recent tabulations by the NH Secretary of State’s office.

Although registered Republicans still edge registered Democrats by about 32,000, these affiliations, or lack thereof, is what makes the New Hampshire primary process so important. With such a statistically unpredictable faction of independent voters, the importance of New Hampshire’s focus on “retail politics” is what presses candidates to participate in small house parties, like Ropp’s.

Ultimately, New Hampshire’s primary is a crowd-sourced job interview.

And while winning New Hampshire – as Hillary Clinton did in 2008 – doesn’t guarantee a win in the general election, it provides the rest of the country an intimate look at the candidates through the eyes of a discerning New Hampshire electorate. The fact that Hillary had such a strong showing in New Hampshire in 2008 may contribute to the tenacity of those like Keith Yergeau, 30, a tireless roadie on Sanders’ New Hampshire street team.

Like Ropp, Yergeau, 30, of Bedford, has been following Sanders closely on the ground in New Hampshire. Unlike Ropp, Yergeau knows exactly what he’ll do if Clinton is the last Democrat standing on Election Day, whether she’s standing next to Trump – or any of the other Republican candidates.

I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me to do it. …If it came down to it, I would most likely write-in Bernie.

“Even though Trump is big money in politics personified, and a caricature of our corrupt system, I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me to do it,” says Yergeau, who works for Stamp Stampede, a non-profit organization aimed at campaign finance reform, founded by Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry’s.

“If it came down to it, I would most likely write-in Bernie, or I would vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party.”

Yergeau voted for Obama twice. Sometime after the 2012 election he says he started to wonder about the polarization in Washington, D.C. He concluded that Obama is as beholden to Wall Street and special interests as any Republican. And by his millennial measuring stick, Clinton is just as culpable.

“The two parties in theory are diametrically opposed, but they have the same master and the same people,” says Yergeau. “And Hillary falls into that same category.”

Sylvia Gale represents the other end of the chronological spectrum of Sanders supporters – a retired social worker and longtime social activist, she says she’s most inspired by Sanders’ populist platform. Gale doesn’t count herself among New Hampshire’s politically motivated, although she did try her hand at change from the inside out, winning a two-year seat as a state legislator in the last election cycle. But she lost her bid for reelection, which was fine with her.

She is more of a one-on-one evangelist. Gale has only been moved from her comfort zone to ride shotgun on a presidential primary bandwagon by a handful of candidates over the 40 years she’s lived here – Jesse Jackson, Jerry Brown, Barack Obama and now, Bernie Sanders.

Image credit: Sylvia Gale

“He is the epitome of authenticity. It’s rare to find in an elected official at any level,” says Gale. “This campaign is hard to articulate. It’s a phenomenon. It’s a people’s campaign, a people’s political revolution, and it’s because of Bernie. What he brings forward and will deliver to the people is honesty, integrity and consistency, something we’ve not been holding in high premium in a long time.”

It’s a phenomenon. It’s a people’s campaign, a people’s political revolution, and it’s because of Bernie.

Voting for Hillary will give her great pause, if it comes to that.

“Hillary’s support of Wall Street and ties to big money and the evolution of her positions on things I hold important, like LGBT issues and the Keystone Pipeline, just reinforces to me that we need someone genuine and real. The things that matter to me are the things Bernie’s spent 40 years standing up for, and he doesn’t waver,” says Gale.

“I will pull the lever for Hillary, with great disappointment. Considering the alternatives, yes, I would do that. I’m a progressive, more than I’m a hardline Democrat,” says Gale. “But until that time, I believe it’s our mission to keep momentum going, no matter what happens in New Hampshire. We’re fueling a revolution, and Bernie’s supporters around the country are counting on us to keep it going.”

Gale has found an alliance within the community of tight-knit Nashua City Democrats in Jan Schmidt, 64, an independent web developer and also a woman of a certain age. Like Gale, Schmidt has been waiting a lifetime for a woman to make it to the White House.

At the risk of ruffling the sensibilities of her fellow boomer ladies, she’s willing to wait at least four more years.

“Sure, America is ready for a woman in the White House, although I know there’s a whole cohort of men out there who say we’ll never have a woman be head of our Army, because it’s just wrong. And yes, there’s the guilt trip I get from women for not supporting Hillary – like I’m some kind of traitor to my gender for supporting Bernie,” says Schmidt, also a former NH State Representative for her ward in the city of Nashua.

This is where we talk about our differences. We’re also Democrats, so of course we’ll come together in the end. We bitch and chew and moan and then – we do what we’re supposed to do.

“I like the response from Susan Sarandon best. She said, ‘I don’t vote with my vagina.’ I was out over the weekend at a honk-and-wave for Bernie in Nashua, and a guy rolled down his window and said, ‘I’m so glad to see women voting with their heads.’ I doubled over with laughter because I figured he was referring to that quote,” says Schmidt.

“I know Hillary’s done some terrific things, but I don’t think you earn anything just by being a woman. Bernie’s got a 100 percent rating with Planned Parenthood. He marched with Martin Luther King. He supports unions. He’s part of what we are – not as men or women, but people.”

Schmidt says her real problem with Clinton is her character – she believes Clinton’s platform has rapidly evolved to emulate many of Sanders’ talking points on income inequality, getting “big money” out of politics, and elevating the middle class. Schmidt believes Clinton’s sustained launch into the national political sphere – as a senator and secretary of state – is solely due to her firm grasp on her husband’s coattails.

“I never felt there should be royalty in this type of race, or that she really ever distinguished herself from him. He wasn’t a horrible president, but he took the country farther to the right than I would have liked,” says Schmidt.

And yes, she will cast a vote for Hillary if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination.

“This is the New Hampshire primary. This is where we talk about our differences. We’re also Democrats, so of course we’ll come together in the end. We bitch and chew and moan and then – we do what we’re supposed to do.”

With less than a month to go until the February 9 New Hampshire primary, Hillary supporters like Homa Jaferey, 49, seem less concerned than pundits are with the shift in daily polling data that indicates a Sanders surge – he is currently leading Clinton in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Jaferey also isn’t fazed by the divide she’s sensed among New Hampshire Democrats. She maintains that Clinton’s qualifications will be the deciding factor for informed voters, and the schism between Bernie and Hillary supporters is stemming from the threat some Bernie supporters must be feeling, knowing Hillary is the stronger candidate, she says. While everyone in her social circle is cordial enough in person, she notes it seems it’s the Sanders supporters who “go on the attack” against Clinton supporters, based on her social media feed.

I like what he stands for but, obviously, I don’t think he’s as qualified as Hillary. …She’s the most qualified presidential candidate we’ve ever had.

 “And that’s not cool,” says Jaferey. “They should be attacking Republicans, not Hillary,” she says.

If Clinton doesn’t win the party’s nomination, she’ll certainly support Sanders. She just doesn’t see that happening.

“I like what he stands for but, obviously, I don’t think he’s as qualified as Hillary. She’s the only candidate who goes in-depth on foreign policy matters. She’s the most qualified presidential candidate we’ve ever had,” says Jaferey. And I’m not sure he can execute all the things he’s screaming about.”

Although Jaferey has maintained her support of Clinton since even before she officially announced her candidacy, there are other dedicated Democrats, like Jawad Ali Baba Shaikh of Manchester, who came to Clinton’s camp by taking full advantage of New Hampshire’s political primary tourist season.

Shaikh says he’s someone who needs to feel the chemistry of each candidate before deciding, from a handshake and first-person Q&A sessions, to an overall vibe. That’s how he settled on Clinton, a decision that wasn’t so easy, he says.

Jawad Ali Baba Shaikh with Hillary Clinton / Image credit: Jawad Ali Baba Shaikh

“I met with both Hillary and Bernie, and I asked them both a lot of questions,” says Shaikh, 40, an entrepreneur and investor. “Bernie doesn’t like big banks and big corporations. We have that in common, and he’d make a good president – if he wins the primary. But that’s going to be the tough part for him.”

Hillary’s strength as a candidate goes beyond her resume – which by the way is impeccable, he says.

“I was nervous for her when she was going through the [Benghazi hearings], but the way she handled herself, that was leadership. The whole world was watching, and that’s when I knew she had my vote,” Shaikh says. “But you know, if Bernie wins, I will have no problem supporting him, 100 percent. He’s an honest man.”

Nikki Arguin, 41, is slightly less enthusiastic about the prospect of Sanders being the party’s nominee. She was an early recruit to the Ready for Hillary movement, launched in 2013. Since then, Arguin has been volunteering up to six days a week for Clinton’s campaign. She says she would vote for Sanders if her candidate doesn’t get the party’s nod, but that her heart won’t be in it.

Image credit: Nikki Arguin and family / Nikki Arguin

“I’m working as much as I can so it doesn’t come down to that, but to be honest, I don’t think I could volunteer as much for him as I do for Hillary,” says Arguin. “I’m all heart when I volunteer. I have to be in it, 100 percent, and I don’t think I can do that for him just because I don’t believe in his message – and I find his followers here to be negative.”

We’re all passionate people. …but any Democrat is better than any Republican in the end, and I think we all agree on that.

She refers back to September’s New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention, where she felt party unity was marred on a very public stage by bad manners.

She was mortified.

“It was such an amazing event. I couldn’t believe it when Bernie Sanders supporters were booing Hillary when she came out to talk – she couldn’t get a sentence out. I felt like I should go apologize to her, on behalf of the entire state of New Hampshire,” says Arguin.

“We’re all passionate people. I’ve heard some true-blue Democrats who’ve said they think the DNC wants to coronate Hillary, and I’m not sure if in the end those people who think there’s a conspiracy would vote for her, or write-in Bernie, but any Democrat is better than any Republican in the end, and I think we all agree on that.”

Carol Robidoux

Carol Robidoux is a freelance writer, multimedia journalist and publisher of an independent daily news site in Manchester, NH. She has reported on New Hampshire politics for The Boston Globe, MSNBC, and the PBS News Hour.


    • Where have you been living Marta? The nightmare was the 8yrs of the Bush administration! Remember, 2 fake wars, banks failing, wall street failing, unemployment skyrocketing! That was the nightmare that this president inherited. Now the nightmare is gone, thanks to this president! How can you deny any of this!

    • Just imagine what President Obama could have done if the GOP had not decided to be obstructionists the very first day he took office! Is that evil or what? And the GOP has accomplished nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

    • Liberal policies caused the crash. Policies started by a community organizer race baiting banks in Chicago. Put on the taxpayers by Clinton. This flailing economy was started by odumbass and he couldn’t fix his own mess. Blaming bush is Obama using the stupidity of the American people (his own people’s words) because everything he does turns to shit. The difference is he is an alinsky student intentionally dividing the people for ideological reasons. If you think he did anything for the american people your s dumb ass

    • Wow! Facts seem to escape your posts Matthew Cox. Crash happened months before “community organizer” (also lawyer, constitutional scholar and senior lecturer, state senator, U.S. Senator on Foreign Relations Committee). This rewrite of history is laughable, if not ludicrous. Leaving the President out who was actually in power defies the simplest of logical thinking. He has fixed every single one of Bush’s messes. The dumb ass is one who posts myths, then calls others out for telling it correctly. No time for those who cannot get even the most basic facts right.

    • He had a Democratic majority for about two months. Kennedy died. Al Franken election contested. Robert Byrd died. Lots of events if you check the record in which Democrats did not have 60 vote majority in Senate needed to pass anything.

    • Debunking the Myth: Obama’s Two-Year Supermajority
      Posted: 10/01/2012 2:14 pm EDT Updated: 12/01/2012 5:12 am EST

      Share on Google+Print
      Mitt Romney’s at it again — shading the truth on CBS News’ 60 Minutes.

      In this video he’s perpetuating the false Republican narrative that President Obama should have gotten more done during his first two years in office because he had a supermajority in the Senate.

      A supermajority is a filibuster-proof 60 or more Senate seats, allowing one party to pass legislation without votes from the other,

      Don’t forget: the president needed a supermajority because of the Republicans’ unprecedented use of the filibuster as an obstruction tactic — they’ve used it more than 400 times.

      But here’s the deal — the real deal — there actually wasn’t a two year supermajority.

      This timeline shows the facts.

      President Obama was sworn in on January 20, 2009 with just 58 Senators to support his agenda.

      He should have had 59, but Republicans contested Al Franken’s election in Minnesota and he didn’t get seated for seven months.

      The President’s cause was helped in April when Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Arlen Specter switched parties.

      That gave the President 59 votes — still a vote shy of the super majority.

      But one month later, Democratic Senator Byrd of West Virginia was hospitalized and was basically out of commission.

      So while the President’s number on paper was 59 Senators — he was really working with just 58 Senators.

      Then in July, Minnesota Senator Al Franken was finally sworn in, giving President Obama the magic 60 — but only in theory, because Senator Byrd was still out.

      In August, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts died and the number went back down to 59 again until Paul Kirk temporarily filled Kennedy’s seat in September.

      Any pretense of a supermajority ended on February 4, 2010 when Republican Scott Brown was sworn into the seat Senator Kennedy once held.Do you see a two-year supermajority?

      I didn’t think so.

      Originally aired on The War Room with Jennifer Granholm. The War Room airs weeknights at 10 p.m. EST on Current TV. Follow Jennifer Granholm on Facebook and Twitter, and The War Room on Facebook and Twitter.

    • Politics Barack Obama
      The Loan Arranger

      updated From the archive

      Claim: Barack Obama filed a lawsuit to require banks to “make loans to poor people.”


      Example: [Collected via e-mail, September 2008]

      In 1994, a class-action lawsuit was filed against CitiBank, demanding that loans be made to poor people, and others who could not show proof that they could pay the money back. The basis of the lawsuit was the 14th Amendment, which requires ‘fair and equal’ treatment for all citizens.

      The legal theory was that failing to loan money to poor/indigent/unemployed people was, on it’s face, a discriminatory act by lending institutions. Thousands of loans were processed, and of course many went into default, in part explaining why we’re in the financial mess we’re in.

      Now, it’s easy for some people to point the finger of blame at Pres. Geo. Bush for this crisis, because he’s sitting in the hot seat.

      What many people don’t know is the suit was filed during the Clinton Administration.

      The lawyer filing the suit was none other than:

      Barak Hussein Obama.

      Origins: This item seeks to dump much of the blame for America’s current economic woes on Barack Obama by claiming that as a young lawyer, Obama filed a lawsuit requiring financial institutions to lend money to “poor people” and “others who could not show proof that they could pay the money back.” Although there is a (very) vague element of fact underneath this politicking, the piece quoted above is woefully wrong in all its particulars.

      The 1994 case of Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank had nothing to do with requiring lenders to do business with people “who could not show proof that they could pay the money

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      back.” The case was a class-action lawsuit against Citibank Federal Savings initiated by a black Chicago woman, Selma Buycks-Roberson, who claimed she was unfairly denied a mortgage based on her race. The lawsuit sought to end the practice of redlining, a discriminatory practice by which banks, insurance companies, and other business institutions refuse or limit loans, mortgages, insurance, etc., based solely on the geographic area in which the applicant lives (a practice that commonly excludes minorities in inner-city neighborhoods, regardless of their income or ability to pay). Specifically, the lawsuit charged that Citibank “rejected loan applications of minority applicants while approving loan applications filed by white applicants with similar financial characteristics and credit histories.” The case was eventually settled out of court, with some class members receiving cash payments and Citibank agreeing to help ease the way for low- and moderate-income people to apply for mortgages.

      Although Barack Obama was involved with the Buycks-Roberson case, he did not file the lawsuit, nor was he the lead attorney in the matter. He was a junior member of an eight-lawyer team that worked on the case:
      Obama admits he played a mostly behind-the-scenes role at his law firm, Miner Barnhill & Galland. He researched the law, drafted motions, prepared for depositions and did other less glamorous work during his three years full-time and eight years “of counsel” to the firm.

      “He wrote lots of substantial memos, but he didn’t try any cases,” said Judson Miner, a partner in the firm who was Obama’s boss.

      Obama represented Calvin Roberson in a 1994 lawsuit against Citibank, charging the bank systematically denied mortgages to African-American applicants and others from minority neighborhoods.

      “I don’t recall him ever standing up and giving an impassioned speech — it was a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff,” said Fay Clayton, the lead lawyer on the case.

      “He was the very junior lawyer in that case,” said attorney Robert Kriss. “He had just graduated from law school. I don’t recall him being in court at any time I was there. I was the lead lawyer for Citibank and he was not very visible to me.”

      Kriss, Clayton and every other co-counsel and opposing counsel interviewed for this story praised Obama’s legal ability, temperament and everything about his courtroom demeanor, even though, they agree, he didn’t say much in the courtroom.

      On Feb. 23, 1995, Obama billed 2 hours and 50 minutes for an appearance before Judge Ruben Castillo on behalf of his client, and also for reviewing some documents in advance of a deposition. That cost Citibank — which ultimately had to pay the winning side’s fees — $467 at Obama’s hourly rate of $165.

      Miner commanded the higher rate of $285 an hour. During his appearance before the judge, Obama said he would need more time to file a response to a motion, and the judge agreed. That was all Obama said during the half-hour hearing.

      His final bill on the case was 138 hours, or $23,000.
      Last updated: 5 September 2012

    • Carol Brown interesting. Thx for the clarification on the 2yr majotity. This is why i like these FB discussions… notice i said discussions. So much mudslinging to weed through. It really shows the level of unrest in our country. Wish everyone could chill and be civil.. never know, maybe something would get done!

    • Attempts to hide evidence of Obama’s involvement with ACORN have included wiping the web clean of potentially damaging articles that had appeared, and were previously publicly accessible. Unfortunately, those behind the attempted cover-up failed to realize that in today’s day and age, nothing disappears forever. There also exists another layer of the web, the hidden web, which is full of information included in proprietary scholarly databases where these very same “missing” articles can be easily uncovered.

  1. God help us if the treasonous criminal liar Killary or that insane communist should somehow win. We are already being sold out by Obozo, but that would really make us a third word country. It would be like Detroit everywhere.

    • I’m from Detroit and I promise you this, if you could see how this great city once was vs now you might not talk down on her. Detroit is a product of big corporate sell out. This is exactly what Bernie wants to begin to change. Like it or not this is a socialist country. Social security, police, infrastructure all a form of socialism and look what government and big corporate has done to it. Yes Bernie wants to make education affordable or free to those less fortunate. Yes Bernie wants to help or war veterans and hungry. Yes Bernie want affordable health insurance or free to the less fortunate. You speak down on Detroit, come here and do it to any Detroiters face. After three riots of the 1960’s Detroit has been politically robbed. If your so open to cut on a good man like Bernie that makes perfect sense in making the rich pay their fair share of taxes and your so open to cut on Detroit you sound like a Facebook bully. Then openly say who you are voting for, can you say? You probably don’t vote right? Let’s say Bernie had his way and made the rich pay 33% of their money like the poor guy working at ,say taco bell, thst would be over 100 billion dollars a year in federal taxes. Now big corporate and the rich wouldn’t have that would they. To you sir and the greedy rich come live on these streets and see how you would survive. It’s simple humanity to help others less fortunate and it’s simple greed not to. One can not believe in God and turn their backs on the sick, old ,vets,mentally challenged and who cares about a drunk or drug addict. You’ve told us what you feel about Bernie and Detroit now tell us who you would vote for? I challenge your intelligence because you’ve already shown your hand on integrity. If you even vote for who do you vote for? ?? That’s what I thought will be my answer because I doubt you can tell us. You sound like a Trump man that thinks we need to spend billions on a wall oh my bad Trump said he’ll have Mexico pay for it. We’ll being I’ve agreed with your arrogance and ignorance are you man enough to tell us who you would vote for?

    • Fred Withrow, do you not understand that if you tax corporations 33%, all jobs will go somewhere else, the reason they get breaks is so WE have jobs HERE! I just don’t understand how you people who talk on here like you know it all, know so little! Be gone!

    • Yep Fred, I’m not talking bad about how Detroit “used to” be. I was talking about what it has become under liberal government since 1962. It has been going downhill ever since. 🙃

    • Yes, I cut Detroit down. It is a mess now after over 50 years of continuos Democrat administrations. I’m not sure yet who to vote for, but you can bet your ass it won’t be that communist or lying criminal Killary!!

    • I’m afraid you are the moron Fred. You don’t even know what either one of us is talking about🙄 go whine somewhere else…. I’m done reading any of your drivel. Have a nice life in Detroit.

    • Lol,your such a joke. You cut on Detroit when you have no clue a out these streets then you cut down Bernie and call him a communist ,Obama and Hillary are the worst , which I wouldn’t disagree, but you don’t even vote. You have no voice,silence you fool. Or tell us who you’ll vote for? Oh that’s right your one that doesn’t vote but knows about everything. Bob stfu before you say something smart like ,Otay I’ll vote

    • Jack, if the corporations decide they’d rather go “somewhere else”, then ban the sale of their product in America. They wanna make it there? Let them sell it there. Instead of having it made for pennies there and selling it for dollars here, to the same people they abandoned, let them have it made for pennies there and sell it for pennies there. Its sad when people blame politicians for the ruthless disgusting greed of corporate America

  2. I don’t see how anyone could vote Democrat if they pay taxes pay for food with cash pay for insurance pay for housing utilities and look around and see that the welfare state is growing out of control Illegals by the millions refugees and a government no matter what the majority of Americans feel they no what’s better for you insane this is what libral control has done in 50 plus years we can’t take anymore

    • You do realize that the biggest recipient of welfare in America is corporate America don’t you? They receive more of your tax dollars than all the hungry families combined in the entire country. And corporate America don’t even need welfare.

    • You can be a good person and still not have the skills needed to raise children and the system didn’t help them either that’s why I have them. Also my son the father has not had no contact with his son since birth a no fault of his

    • These people was hiding Osama Bin Laden right beside Pakistan military headquarter and pretending they didn’t know where he was. At the same time keeping America in the region , pretending to helping finding Osama Bin Laden. This way they would hide him as long as they could and milk the cow (America), as long as they could.It was only through Obama’s patience and persistence that we find him.

    • Nobody “gave” iran any money. That money was theirs to begin with. In frozen accounts that were unfrozen. They just got their money back. Nobody “gave” them anything.

  3. The country still won’t move forward. The GOP will spend the entire term trying to undo everything the president did, so they can re-do it and take the credit. I just hope they don’t start WWIII in the process.

  4. Jeez to think we are the most powerful nation on earth and so many of you are incapable of constructing a simple statement, and to think you are worried about immigrants. God or somebody help us.

  5. If any one of those GOP idiots win the election you can expect them to continue bankrupting the country just like the last Republican idiot.
    There is clearly something wrong with the people in that party. Anytime someone as insane as Trump is their candidate of choice something is clearly wrong. He has no clue about running this country. When u fail here u can’t file for bankruptcy to bail u out! People suffer!

  6. I think the white southerners wIll think the old south will rise again. That is why I’m not supporting any new gun laws, because we will need as many guns as we can obtain. There will be no laws against killing blacks in the south, and I know a Trump led government wouldn’t do anything. People we all no Trump is not presidential material, but he’s still getting support because hateful people see him as the gateway to fulfill their hateful dreams.

    • I hope u include the 2% of Americans who I never seen in any workplace I work or visit, who despite never work controls 98% of the wealth workers earn. When u talk about freebies I hope u include these people.

    • Do not know about you but I have never worked for a poor person.The 2% everybody slams are the fuel that keeps this world in jobs.If they all ever tire of the backlash from people who never created a job and decide to live without the liability and risk of their wealth by employing ungrateful who feel entitled to prosper off the backs of most these 2% who at one time risked it all to create the jobs that employ America this country would collapse.Just waiting on the folks to slam Walmart who are closing 100s of stores.This target of the left and unions will now spin it and say what about the 1000s who depend on these jobs.Wake the hell up…celebrate others successes and you would be shocked when that burden is dropped from your life,your life will flourish.

    • You do realize who the biggest recipients of government welfare are dont you? Its not hungry families. Its corporate America. They receive more in taxpayer funded welfare than all the hungry families in America combined.

    • Don Dodge like gm bailout and bank bailouts.. Yes…but go back to your talking points sheet and look at foodstamp program,public housing,etc…why work when the govt gives away everything.. But it keeps the flock voting for the exact people who are keeping them down

    • Nobody is giving iran that money. That money was irans money to begin with. Its money that was in frozen accounts that were unfrozen. They just got their money back. Nobody “gave” them anything.

  7. We won’t have so many people ?Everyone says they will move out of the country. Heck if that’s all it takes, well then maybe just maybe you don’t belong in a Country as great as ours, in the first place. Heck I did not vote for Obama the first or second time. I do not vote party lines, I try to vote with common sense and knowledge. Today I look around and say is this all we have from our Country really ? But I will stick it out just like everyone else.

  8. The demos will be allowing more immigrants to live here as our own Americans go homeless and hungry. They repeatly say the economy is good yet Walmart of all places is closing store by the hundreds. Laws take from the good and give to the bad. How many more relevant issues do you need to know? That’s just recent havent touched the past events.

  9. 15 Trillion for Bernies plans. Vote for that. As a senator he never got any thing done. Hot air. Old fart. Talk is cheap. No plans on paper. After two yrs. Give him a cane and a voice machine. A screamer. He will loss his voice.

    Wake up. Ralph nader like.
    Bernie is opening a Pandoras Box, we already fought health care.

    Bernie does not support OBAMA…he talks bad about him.
    Why fight things all over again. He had 40 years to make change, did nothing. Why? Wait till he is old. The presidency will age him quick, and tear him down. How is his health, just had surgery. He will not make 4 years.
    Wake up America.

    Watch Showtime sunday night. Bernie will show how old and Grumpy he is.
    Temper, temper,temper. Angry.
    Plus, the Republicans want to run against him. Republicans wil beat hid ass, Fast
    Quick, we will lose the white house

  10. Marquentis: Dont worry, when the Rebels try next time, and I think they will, it will be the last time. This is not 1861 and the country has no patience for this Reactionary non-sence.🐀😊

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