Shock. Suprise. Awe. Donald Trump is not only threatening to sue Ted Cruz for defaming him, but he also implies that he will launch an independent run for President if the RNC doesn’t denounce Ted Cruz for his attacks against him. In a press release posted on his website, Trump accuses Cruz of being a liar, unhinged and unstable.  He wants him to take down his attack ads and issue a retraction.  He also wants the RNC to defend him or “they are in default of their pledge to me.” So in other words, Donald’s pledge not to run as an independent for President, which he signed on Sept 3, 2015, is meaningless.

The Republican party has only themselves to blame for what has now become a sad rendition of a once great party. Trump own documented lies show that most of his claims are false and not true.  For him to suggest that Cruz is a liar (he is), and he is not, is laughable. Both of them are lying to the American people, and too many Republicans are buying it. The establishment may be in a tizzy over the possibility of Trump winning the nomination, but many “establishment” members including Congressman Paul Ryan are saying that they will back Trump if he is the nominee of the party.

The GOP’s unwillingness to stand up to the lies and xenophobic, racist and sexist elements of the party is the very reason that it finds itself in its current quandary.  It no longer has a moral core, civility is no longer important, and not one politician at the top of the party has had the courage to say, ‘no, I will not support Trump if he is the nominee.’ They put party before country, and that is neither a winning nor patriotic solution.

-Jan Harrison

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  1. Anyone who sees this douchebag as a reliable candidate on the side of working class folk should be aware that he is a silver spoon rich kid who’s only success in real estate is based on his daddy’s connections and money. Never served in the miltary. Doesn’t know what it’s like to work from the ground up. A fine representation of the economic disparities of our modern world. Vote for reality TV stars to run our country! Or take your head out of your asshole and #feelthebern

  2. Hillary Clinton is a very polished speaker, and on the surface agrees with most things Sanders says to some level - BUT - SINCE I BELIEVE CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM IS OUR COUNTRY’S BIGGEST ISSUE I could never endorse her. Everything politicians say is suspect while they’re begging for money from the biggest corporations and billionaires. Our democracy will not serve us if it’s busy serving them!

    We need sweeping reform. Like, yesterday. Don’t throw us a few crumbs to shut us up!

    I’m voting for Senator Bernie Sanders!


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