According to the Washington Post, Melissa Harris-Perry won’t be returning to her show on MSNBC. Top brass were not happy that she wrote an email challenging her show’s pre-emption for political coverage and the interference that she was getting as to the content she was covering in her show.  The Daily News is reporting that there was a disagreement over a Beyoncé segment that Perry wanted to do on the Formation performance at the Superbowl and that her executive producer had to push hard to make it happen. The network wanted her to stick with political coverage.

MSNBC used to be a network that made a real effort to be diverse. That is no longer the case as the daily shows with Al Sharpton, Joy Reid, and now Melissa Harris-Perry are either once a week or gone. There has been a turn from a “progressive” network to one striving to find more middle, more white, ground.

- Jan Harrison



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