The Coalition to Save Medicare Advantage Retiree Coverage is putting out new ads out that are letting people know that Medicare Agency is looking at cut back on benefits, and increase costs to seniors to the tune of 264 dollars a year.  They are targeting Senators on both sides of the aisle including the majority and minority leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer respectively.  Among those participating and funding the coalition are, “Verizon, Nokia, Humana, United Health Group, 1199 SEIU and the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System.”

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  1. Either this article or the underlying article or both are nonsense. Congress has no say in the current debate (other than individual congresspeople can lobby the Medicare bureaucrats just like anyone else). The issue is this: in 2010, the Democratic-Party-controlled Congress told the Medicare bureaucrats to cut the future 10-year-payout to almost everyone on public Part C Medicare Advantage health plans by about $200 billion (while “cutting” about a trillion dollars in total to all Medicare beneficiaries-dollar amount varies based on what 10-year window you use). However in 2010 the Democratic Party controlled Congress protected people in unions with special very expensive Medicare Advantage plans from any cuts (in fact, with very careful news management, the Democrats have made sure no one even knows about these sweet deals for some union members’ Cadillac insurance). Now the Medicare bureacracy has come to take the money from the people in the unions (because all the rest of us have already been “cut”) and all of a sudden most Democratic Congresspeople think Medicare Advantage is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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