Women whose fetuses were diagnosed with fatal abnormalities during pregnancy are joining the abortion fight in Ireland. They say that the Irish government is essentially forcing women to carry out doomed pregnancies.

The Eighth Amendment in Ireland criminalizes abortion in all cases—except when mother’s life is at risk. Women who chose to abort a fetus there to avoid carrying to full term would face prison time, if discovered.

But there are thousands of women who learn roughly halfway through their pregnancies that no matter what they do, their babies are bound to die from fatal fetal abnormalities. That no matter how hard they try, they eventually will have to go into labour and give birth to a stillborn baby.

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  1. Surely the foetus is the one diagnosed with the abnormality, not the woman? Other than delivering a stillborn is there any other way of it exiting the mother? The law in Ireland does not say that a woman has to carry a dead foetus. I think you need to get that fact clear.

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