I am a survivor of domestic violence. I know what it feels like to be afraid in my own home. I know what it feels like to stay silent because my words might engender a violent response. It is not an abstract concept for me. For too many others it is, and they take their stance and raise their fists like they are doing something brave and good.

Violence is never part of anything good.

There is no place for violence in our homes or in our any aspect of our lives. Violence is only justified if one has to defend oneself from harm and there is no escape. To hit, push, grab or shove because you don’t like what someone is saying or standing for is wrong. It is an uncivilized response that has no place in our society. Assault is against the law.

Donald Trump talks about punching people.  He encourages and commends his supporters who respond violently to protesters. He thinks we ought to change our laws so that people can stop being so politically correct and can respond in “appropriate” ways.

As he stands behind a wall of secret service agents, he encourages others to react violently to those that are standing up against him, demonstrating and exercising their first amendment rights.

It seems as he looks down from his perch that he enjoys watching the conflagrations in the audience engaging over him - over the king.

So far a black man has been punched in the face, a young black woman has been pushed and shoved by several Trump supports, a male reporter was grabbed around the neck and forced down, and another female reporter was allegedly grabbed by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. These are just some of the violent altercations that have taken place.

Trump denies that he is responsible for any of it, a captain who isn’t responsible for his ship.

Last night, in Chicago, his rally had to be called off as hundreds of protestors showed up to denounce him and what he stands for. A highly volatile situation was diffused. But this pattern isn’t going to change as his spewing of hate against Mexican immigrants, Muslims, supporters of blacklivesmatter and anyone who doesn’t agree with him won’t stop. It is who he is to his core.

Donald Trump is for Donald Trump and if you stand in his way, he or his followers will run you over.

The GOP has made it clear that they will stand behind him should he be elected. Putting party before country, they will support this man who has now become dangerous. Inciting people to violence, which is against the law, pitting Americans against one another even as he suggests he is a unifier, is madness, and it will lead to more violence.

Donald Trump penchant for creating an atmosphere where a violent response is applauded will have broader consequences if he should reach the presidency. It doesn’t make you a man to punch someone in the face or encourage others to violence, it makes you a lawless moron who has no sense of right and wrong and that is not a quality we can tolerate in the President of the United States whose job it is to keep us safe.


-Jan Harrison  @jmhpro


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  1. The same people in Chicago who don’t like free speech. are willing to protest and disrupt a rally.
    Why don’t they all get together again and protest the daily murder of children in they’re own city
    They won’t will they

    • The violence wasn’t perpetrated by Trump supporters. Everbody saw that. Just as everybody sees that Trump supporters aren’t violently disrupting Hillary or Berns rallies. That’s wht Trump’s numbers have been rising after the Great Chicago Thug-In.

  2. As long as these folks are rating Trump lets rate the Communist and the most untrustworthy Candidates running for President, can you guess which one of the Democrats get that label?

    • Iam happy you stood up to being bullyed from domestic violence I dont condone violence either but when you get you hit back. That sends a message to bullies that you will fight back. The entitlement crowd who support commie bernie and liar hillary go to trump rallys and they start the trouble. If I remember my history correctly it was hitlers mobs that disrupted and caused trouble at the others who ran against him. The democrats are doing the same thing. The problem they have is this is making Trump even better. He will be a very good president

    • You guys gotta be kidding! When you fight back with violence you become what they are, just the same. We have laws and organizations that will protect you from these kind of people. Yes, fight back, but not in a way that you could get get hurt. Use your brains and the law!

  3. If you dont want to get punched or worse, dont entice violent behavior by going to a rally where the majority of the people are passionate about what is being presented and start bashing their passion. Its like me going to a Jets/Dolphins game in NY & wearing my Dolphins shirt & start shouting the Jets fucking suck. Guess who security is going to escort out ? Me, before I get seriously injured. Lol. Its only common sense.

  4. A president is supposed to support and protect ALL the people in the US. His message of hate and violence is inexcusable! It is NEVER ok to use violence or hate…he COULD get elected, and slowly but surely bring the message home-and I’m afraid that will be another world war! Come on people we can’t let this happen!!

    • No worries Trump won’t be elected President, he is a pathological liar and a bully. We are already at war, the question is how long before we start killing each other here. I will not tolerate racial verbal or physical abuse, I am not my great grandparents that didn’t believe in violence. No one is going to walk around calling me a Mexican or wet back just because their boy Trump got elected. You better come correct or get fucked up. Fuck Trump and fuck you.

    • The message of hate and violence comes from liberal douchebags that get angry when you do not agree with their point of view. They then therefore violate the Civil Rights of said differs.

    • what is his message of hate and violence, is it that the don’t want people to enter our country illgeally and break or immigration laws? is that hate and violence, is it that he doesn’t people that we don’t know anything about, and have no way of finding out if they are radical muslims or peaceful settlers> is that hate and violence. a lot of nit picking looks like to me, you know if your against the black lives matter group, because they threaten to kill cops or stop traffic or burn buildings, or harrass people in libraries and resturants, it that hate and violence??

  5. I KNOW ABOUT VIOLENCE, I WAS BEAT IN THE HEAD WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH MY HUSBAND HE HAD TO HEAR HIS WIFE BEAT,THIS HAPPENED AT 2200 valley view parkway el dorado hills california we lived in an apartment complex Mercy Housing I was evicted and they made it my fault they said it was mutual combat I say how can it be mutual combat when you had two spinal surgeries and could not fight at the time I will not fight I’m not a fighter but I’m learning to hide very well ,that violence is not an answer because of that incident August 22nd 2006 we lived in motels for over 8 years so yes I will vote for Trump he will be my voice when someone beats on you and everyone seems to think that’s okay

    • Just incidents that has happened to my family that people probably won’t know anything about hiding people’s bad behavior like when my husband said what if I go beat the shit out of her he would go to jail you have to know who they are and who you are we are the working class and if we fought back my husband would have went to jail my kids would not have had a father so you take their bullshit and keep working

    • Well they were laughing and told me they called the NAACP and we were evicted it happened August 22nd 2006 at 2200 Valley View Parkway El Dorado Hills our family lived in motels a little over 8 years I had two teenagers. Krissy 16. david had just turned 18

  6. This is stupid. A couple hundred PAID, yes PAID agitators achieved their goal of infiltrating and rushing the stage in a hostile takeover of the rally. But here we go with the articles about Trump supporters are the angry ones. This story would have a bit of merit, IF THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS HAD SHOVED THEIR WAY INTO A BERNIE OR HILLARY RALLY???

  7. Oh shut up , you ignorant moron ! These are staged protests , by a bunch of paid Obama thugs . But I can tell you that if continued , this violent Facist approach by the Democrat Party will back-fire and Hillary will lose in a landslide . And on top of it all , you have the president of the United States give a flippant , and what he thought was a funny response , to something as serious as this outrage ! Absolutely disgusting , and nothing less than giving the nod to the rioters . In other words , the president inciting a riot . He knew these thugs were going to do this in the first place , that’s why he had his despicable little skit well practiced ahead of time . What an absolute scum-bag . You people who voted for him ought to be ashamed. indeed OUGHT to be embarassed !

  8. These protesters are coming for a fight, they are looking a brawl they are not there to protest some of them even said they don’t know what they are protesting…some of them only want to be on TV they want their 15 seconds of fame

  9. Trump- the person who claims he going to bring the country together, has divided the the republican party, divided the people. Has made racists remarks about other other races. Can’t denie he his ties to the KKK. His wife has questionable pictures all over the place, talks violence to his supporters. And has not answered any questions about about his policies, except to say trust me. Trump is a rich white pitiful prejudice racists professional devilish ass hole. If he keeps saying what he wants, and disrespecting people, and other races he is going to led this country in to a place it doesn’t want to be in. Looks like the people who vote for him are in the same mind set as he is. Which indicate just how deep and pitiful racism is in this country.Trump is the devil in disguise, using this country as his play toy. Karma has a way of correcting the dumb shit. To his supporters we now know how U think and feel, but that alright, your not the to make a bad and dumb choice. May God have mercy on U!!!!!!!😣

  10. Thats crap its the liberals causing all the trouble let republicand show up at a hilkary or commie betnie rally and see how fast they are escorted out. They are Afraid of trump.

    • You really don’t believe that? Trump says ” I’d punch him in the face” or if I went on 5th Ave and shot someone , my supporters would stand by me, or don’t worry il provide the lawyer “. Are you serious? Don’t deflect from what is true! Trump has no shot at president!!! But you must be glad that Trump loves you! After all he did say he loves the uneducated!

  11. Stfu Trump, pathological liar. Saw him this morning on a sit down interview on the violence at his rallies and was asked questions on several of his comments and Trump University and that the generals are telling him we need 20 to 30 thousands troops in the middle east when in fact no one told him shit, his answers are “that’s what I heard” do your fucken research before you open your fucken mouth and get called on it and look like a fucken kid who got caught lying. Chris Wallace put him on the spot. Fuck Trump

  12. Where’s the outrage from Bernie, Hillary and Obama? None but Dead Silence, sounds like they’re harboring terrorizing protesters to me. 👎🙈🙉🙊
    “His [protesters] are showing that President Obama is truly the “Great Divider.”” Shows why the jails are so full……

    “We will make no distinction between the terrorists[Protester] who committed these acts and those who harbour them.” - George Bush
    “Terrorists[Protesters] don’t ‘change our way of life or our security” -Joe Biden
    ‘Terrorists[Protesters] Want to Change Our Way of Life — We Must Change Theirs’ -DOD
    “We cannot let terrorists[Protesters] take advantage of our compassion,” - Paul Ryan

    WOW! Dems choices: REDISTRIBUTIONIST or LIAR 😆
    Large waves of Dems from multiple states are switching over to vote for Trump. #Trump2016 and #HillaryForPrison

    Get real MSM! Its unruly Democrat thug supporters that’s causing all the problems….
    Including Failed! @NAACP #BlackLivesMatter self-absorbed PowerArmFist is offensive & racist to non-blacks. Stop… !Respectful Attitudes Missing! #CulturalRot #FathersMissing

    Looks to me the PowerArmFist(ers) need to stop living in the past and look at their unchanged past “attitudes” for a better future. Have you ever thought it might be a “attitude” problem not the police?

    The $15T Government failed War-On-Poverty Welfare “System” aided in the mass creation of one parent family’s with attitude issues.

  13. so then you don’t blame hillary camp, bernie camp, BLM, and all the others that are being paid by the rich thugs to start the violence… It is better to just be plain stupid and blame Trump… YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM AND THE SILENT MAJORITY IS RISING UP AGAINST YOU PEOPLE …. Go Trump !!!!!

  14. Ohh This article is sooo rich… the progressive radicals, led by the likes of George Soros and Terrorist Bill Ayers attend Trumps rally’s to do nothing more then shut down free speech and incite violence…

  15. Trump is not for violence and this article makes it sound like it is.They press will say anything to persuade us to not vote Trump, but we are more determined with all the lies out on him,Sad pathetic news people.

  16. That was all orchestrated and there is no one more arrogant than our current commander in chief. Libs and Progressives have no business at a GOP function anymore than a Conservative at a Democratic function. Agree to disagree and vote with your conscience!

  17. Shane Woodard, only Trump says they were paid and that does not mean it is so as Trump always says he wins when he does not, that he is the greatest, the best, on and on when he is not, I have heard Trump say hit them back, I will pay your legal fees, I heard this from Trumps own mouth and many other toxic insightful comments, like take them out on stretchers, etc. Trump encourages this with his la gauge and body language.

  18. Listen to everyone. We are in the beginnings of civil unrest like we haven’t seen since the 1960’s. Did we not learn anything? Clearly division among groups is worsening and Trump is not the unifier he claims to be. “A house divided can not stand”.

    • So that explains the violent Trump supporters always disrupting Hillary’s and Berns rallies, rushing the stage, firing into the air, blocking the streets.
      Oh wait, that doesn’t happen. It’s strictly Trump’s opposition that that does that crap. The actions of the protesters says a lot more about who’s REALLY inciting and encouraging violence.

  19. I’d been exposed to people like Dtrumpf, early in life. A really slick salesman of the worst kind. I learned a lesson about people like him and now I can spot them right off. He’s dangerous and will ruin our lives. This is more than a warning, it’s a FACT!

  20. Brian Walter white people shit blame the victims, you people have done so much evil and now the crap is getting to hit the fan. Like in the book you clowns like to quote but don’t really read (The Bible ) at end of days great nations will fall. Karma is a bitch

  21. Trumps not for violence but he does believe like a lot of us if hit hit back protect your self that’s what he’s talking about and y’all want to make it sound different wow

  22. why??? violent people find an excuse to act out their violence, and you blame it on donald trump, large numbers of illegal aliens are in our prisons, but if you say they are criminals you’re a racist, thousands of syrian refugees may be radicalized, but if you want to check and make sure they are not before they enter the country you’re a bigot, gangs of black roam the streets and threaten white people, but if your against them doing that you’re a racist? you voice your opinion and say these things should not be happening, and you begat violence, what a crock, you people have lost it.

  23. Most of you don’t have a clue. This country needs strength not weakness. If you don’t know the difference between protest and a bunch of move on .org radicals and a bunch of students that didn’t even know what they were doing there. That isn’t protest. If I was in that crowd and some one tore my sign up or pushed me or worse they would be on the ground. that’s not protest. Blocking
    streets impeding traffic. That’s not protesting that’s anarchy. Morons walk into someone’s rally and cause trouble what do you think is going to happen. Voting is the way to change policy majority rules

  24. Trump is the leader of the birthers. That speaks volumes. …. Trump said the lack Jobs is the problem. No Mr. Trump the Lack of respect is the problem and that lack of respect starts with you. You will not get my vote and anyone that votes for you is a vote for the lack of human respect.

  25. Trump cancelled his rally to prevent people from getting hurt from the masses of violent protestors…i dont see how that promotes violence. Last time i checked his supporters arnt rushing stages of other canidates or massing in the streets to prevent people from speaking.

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