Conservative U.S Federal Court JudgeThomas Schroeder has upheld North Carolina’s voting law that eliminates same-day registration, a week of early voting, requires voters to have a picture I.D., prevents straight ticket voting mechanism and stops a program that registers high-school students to vote who will be 18 by election day.

According to ThinkProgress,

The lead plaintiff in the case was 95-year-old Rosanell Eaton, who grew up under Jim Crow voter suppression laws, and in her elderly years found herself once again unable to vote in her home state. Because Eaton was delivered by a midwife at home — as many African Americans were at that time — the names on her birth certificate, driver’s license, and voter registration card don’t exactly match. It took her nine trips to the DMV, totaling more than 250 miles of driving, to get the ID she needed to vote under North Carolina’s new law.

There is no voter fraud. The only reason to put restrictions on voting is to make it harder to vote.

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