Class versus race. The American left has tangled with the question of which issue matters more for the better part of the past hundred years. Today, the argument has manifested into a proxy of sorts for Sanders versus Clinton—Sanders and his supporters largely believe that class politics matter more than racism while Clinton and her supporters have argued the opposite.

Let’s get one thing clear: class matters. Income inequality is an issue, and poor people are disadvantaged in a number of arenas such as healthcare, education, and home buying. That much is obvious.

What isn’t always obvious is how Black people are still being penalized for their skin color. In almost every arena, Black people face steep disadvantages because of their skin color, regardless of class.

Bernie Sanders’ revolution is one that focuses primarily on class. In the Sanders Revolution, identity politics are mostly a distraction to what he perceives as the real problem in this country—millionaires and billionaires exploiting the system and taking advantage of the poor.  

Why can’t we have a class-based revolution? After all, income inequality is higher than ever, and poverty affects people of all races. The problem is that America is still divided largely into racial and political lines. We can tell a lot about members of a political party based on their feelings about Black people.

A good example can be taken from FiveThirtyEight: in 2012, they evaluated results from the General Social Survey and found that Republicans are more likely to have negative attitudes towards Blacks. The result that was the most interesting came from the “Is the government spending too much money improving conditions for Blacks” question. Over 30 percent of white Republicans answered yes while just under 10 percent of white Democrats did. On average, states that have a high percentage of Black people in them are less likely to have social programs and more likely to have restrictive voting laws. States with fewer Black people in them are more likely to have more robust social programs. So why can’t we have a class-based revolution in the United States?

Is it because too many white people would rather be poor than equal with minorities? Is it a myth that the white working class votes against its interests? Or is it possible that the white working class is voting in its interests?

In the March debate, Sanders famously equated being Black with being poor. After Don Lemon had asked Sanders a question about his racial blind spots, the Vermont Senator responded by saying, “When you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto. You don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”

Sanders conflated being Black with being poor, erasing the Black middle class and their struggle against racism. Perhaps this is because Sanders does not have a large Black constituency in Vermont and he hasn’t had to be in tune with the needs of a diverse electorate. In a 2014 interview with the National Journal about his political ideology, Sanders had this to say: “Let me ask you, what is the largest voting bloc in America? Is it gay people? No. Is it African Americans? No. Hispanics? No. Its working class white people.”

The quote is two years old, but it is still revealing. It is another look into Sanders focus on the economic interests of working class whites, at the expense of identity politics. Working class whites have become a core part of Sanders base in his run for the nomination, but he has struggled to expand beyond that part of the electorate.

Another telling Sanders quote comes from an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep. When asked about African-American support for Democrats, Sanders said that the country had overcome racism and that Black people shouldn’t be basing their politics on skin color:

“Well, here’s what you got. What you got is an African-American president, and the African-American community is very, very proud that this country has overcome racism and voted for him for president. But that’s not important. You should not be basing your politics based on your color. What you should be basing your politics on is, “how is your family doing?”

The part of the country overcoming racism is puzzling, but the revealing part is that Sanders does not think that Black people should factor race into their politics. He is essentially saying that Blacks should be more focused on their family’s economic status than on racial issues that Black Americans face regardless of class.

And what he and too many fail to realize is that the reason many Black people are disproportionately poor is simply that they are Black.

Racism plays a greater role in Black poverty than anything else. And often, that racism is administered by Americans in the middle and lower classes, such as police officers, educators, and healthcare officials.

At its core, the class-based argument tells us that having more money should make Black people fundamentally more equal to whites. But when we look at Black people even those who are well-off, we see that they still suffer from race-based discrimination that isn’t faced by poor whites.

Examples Of Race-Based Discrimination

According to a 2001 Brookings Institution study, wealthy minority neighborhoods had less home value per dollar of income than wealthy white neighborhoods, and poor white neighborhoods had more home value per income than poor minority neighborhoods. The study concluded that there is a penalty simply for being Black—the Blacker the neighborhood is, the less a home in that neighborhood is worth on the market, even when controlling for a variety of factors.

Darrick Hamilton of the New School put it succinctly: “Race trumps class, at least when it comes to incarceration.” He was one of the researchers in a study that found that poor white youth was less likely to go to prison than their rich Black counterparts. Even with additional economic resources, Black people still face potentially life-changing discrimination.

In 2013, the Small Business Administration found that Black small owned businesses were only getting 1.7 percent of awarded loan money, although 7 percent of US business owners are Black. Federal Reserve data found that minority business owners also pay higher interest rates when approved—an average of 32 percent higher than their white counterparts.

There are several examples of prominent, wealthy Black men suffering from police brutality. Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha was at a New York nightclub when the NYPD broke his leg. Tennis star James Blake was in Midtown when the NYPD tackled him to the ground and arrested him without explanation. Henry Louis Gates Jr., a distinguished Harvard professor, was arrested when police saw him trying to unjam the front door to his own home in 2009. All of these Black people had significant amounts of money, but none of that cash could stop them from experiencing racism.

Perhaps the most potent example is that white people receive a disproportionate amount of government benefits. Even with social programs that are supposed to be dedicated to the poor, regardless of their ethnic background, white people dominate of benefits received. Analysis from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities found that Black people are 22 percent of the poor, but receive only 14 percent of government benefits.

Meanwhile, whites are 42 percent of the poor but receive 69 percent of government benefits.

Even if we expanded the social programs offered in the United States, as Bernie Sanders would like, white people would disproportionately benefit based on their race alone.

Why We Can’t Have a Class Based “Revolution” in America

Until we can change these attitudes and feelings towards minorities, there will always be resistance to expanding the government’s social programs and uplifting the lower classes. To achieve a class-based revolution, we first have to achieve a race-based one. We need a society where minorities, regardless of class, are not penalized and discriminated against based on the color of their skin.

That is what Bernie Sanders’ campaign has largely missed—economics are not the only means of discrimination. The race-based discrimination that wealthy Black people such as Thabo Sefolosha and James Blake faced is just as real and pressing as economic discrimination faced by working class whites. Identity politics cannot simply be a distraction to economic interests for the working class. Redistributing wealth alone will not solve racial resentment or solve our issues with discrimination. We must focus on solving these racial discrimination issues—with anti-discrimination courses in early and higher education, with anti-discriminatory regulatory watchdogs, and with changes to equalize the criminal justice system—before we can focus on dramatically changing economic policy.

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-Marcus Johnson

Marcus is an author, investor, entrepreneur and has degrees in political science from Florida State University and Oberlin. He also has a website,  @smoothkobra




  1. Your article pretty much speaks to the (no pun intended) color blindness of the Sanders’ campaign since its inception. As a 62 yo wm in a mixed marriage who has seen military service and 20 years of teaching, I was cringing as I watched that March debate when the ‘whites/ghetto’ remark was made. My family used to tell the joke about when we were younger that we were ‘so broke we couldn’t pay attention.’ I hadn’t paid too much attention to Sanders prior to that as a Hillary backer but was curious as to how he would articulate his quest to stop income inequality. Since then, I have studied their strategies in primary states as well as subsequent remarks, most notably the dismissal of Southern States voting where he was drubbed, blacks and other people of color. This has also, unfortunately, been emphasized by his overly zealous online supporters in blogs and Twitter with repulsive explosions of blunt racism and millennial white voters explaining to blacks and POC where their best interests lay. I
    appreciated your well researched and informative article.
    Warm regards,

    • What’s weird about Bernies ghetto comment is that he seems to have forgotten that Jews lived in ghettos from an earlier age. So he really is not aware of much Jewish history.

  2. Can you explain why Donna Edwards lost 1/3 of the AA vote in Maryland based on your reasoning regarding Sanders’ campaign?

  3. Well said. I could give many more examples, more’s the pity.

    When will people learn?

    What is funny is that Bernie shows great ignorance about Jews and Israel (which are not the same thing). What, Jews don’t know about living in ghettoes?

    Also, good comment Doc

  4. Very nicely stated. As a Latino and former Sanders’ supporter, I couldn’t agree more. Sanders just misses the point and Hillary Clinton’s message resonates much better with Latinos and other minorities.

    • I must have missed the meeting where you were elected to speak for us. I’m supporting Bernie all the way, maybe I’m just speaking as an underdog who will not settle for the lesser evil #BernieorBust

    • Patty Trump. Don’t be a silly. While Hillary Clinton may have used the term “superpredators” that one time about two years after that 1994 crime bill was passed, Bernie Sanders actually voted for that crime bill and he used the term “psychopaths”. If one of them is to blame for the mass incarcerations, it’s Sanders. As for your comment about that money hungry politician, again that’s Sanders. He has out raised and outspent Hillary Clinton and is still losing. And unlike Sanders, Clinton isn’t selfish. She has raised millions of dollars for other political races. She has even donated vast sums of money to charity.

    • I don’t see how you can call Sanders money hungry. All his campaign donations were from people or unions not huge corporations and lobbyists. At the end of the day Clinton is bought by the rich Sanders it’s bought by the people.

    • Victor so what part of perpetual war for business opportunities, global fracking, the TPP, Keystone XL and private prisons resonate with Latinos? You know; since they clearly elected you their spokesperson

    • Jay Bleise Right off the bat you start out with misinformation. Corporations cannot donate to political campaigns. Neither can unions. If Sanders’ campaign is receiving money from unions, he is violating the law. Don’t believe me? Look it up at the FEC website So, since now we have established that neither the campaign of Clinton nor Sanders could legally receive corporate or union donations, at the end of the day one must realize you didn’t know what you were talking about.

    • Jeff Kato You are quite the hypocrite. You are accusing me of acting like I am the elected spokesperson of Latinos, yet the whole premise of your position is that *YOU* know what resonates (and what doesn’t resonate) with Latinos. Let me ask you this: What superpowers do you posses that allows you to know what resonates with every single Latino person in this country? Let’s let the exit polling and the outcomes of the election determine who is most correct in our assumptions. Hillary Clinton has a strong support among Latinos and will continue to have this support.

    • Patty Trump Again you are being silly. If anyone is in the pockets of any donor, it’s Sanders. Sanders is in the pockets of the NRA. We know how Sanders has voted after his campaigns have received support and endorsement from the NRA, such as his vote against the Brady Bill and his vote to shield gun dealers from their actions which harm others.

    • Victor, you’re a crackhead. Point put where I said that I know what resonates with Latinos.

      I’ll answer your questions as soon as you answer mine

  5. The repugs choosing a racist for the face of their party……..HELLOOO MADAM PRESIDENT! :):):) By the way, let us not forget trumps wife signed a document UNDER OATH that Trump raped her and pulled her hair out in clumps.

  6. sure Hilary was arrested in the early 60”s for ALL of her progressive Republican activities.I think that the one salient question would be which person put their but on the line and actually did something! Just because the talking heads on the media tell you something is so,doesn’t make it so. The Clintons are not champions of minorities simply are not. The record speaks for itself. 3 strikes mad your out Clintons deal not some republican. Wake the fuck up folks!

    • In the early 60″s , Hillary was a freshman in high school. Your ignorance is striking, and shows another reason why Bernie can’t win. You can fool Some of the people All of the time

    • This article speaks to people like you and there are a lot of them, you probably aren’t aware of the amount of crime that was taking place in the black communities in the 90’s, there were a lot of black community leaders who pretty much insisted Bill Clinton do something about it, there were a lot of black congressman and senators who voted for that crime bill, so it wasn’t Bill Clinton just looking to lock up a lot of black people.

    • And so was I, and I was already politically active having lost an uncle in Viet Nam. Luke Rose, you forget what was going on in the US and how many reasons there were for getting active even if you were young in that time period.

    • typical Clintonite response,any body who questions the clinton’s is either a closet republican or a dreamy left wing sandal wearing idiot. BULLSHIT she was around in the early sixties sniffing around congress like a baby pig at a feeder trying to make her way as a REPUBLICAN at first then as a democrat. So Rose, you are not only ignorant but also a typical ass kissing knee jerk party hack democrat just like your standard bearer and at the ripe age of 60 I do indeed remember the 80’s and even the “Willie Horton” debacle that so shit scared Bill Clinton he became an instant law and order man. Anything to get elected is the only principal the Clinton’s have ever held.

    • Or maybe it is Hilary’s time on that famous progressive organization , the board of directors of Wal-Mart that makes her such an icon of progressive politics and that leaves her uniquely qualified to fly the banner of a decent people oriented candidate.

    • I can assure you it is not paid propaganda. Just because someone’s opinion differs from yours does not mean it is not genuine. And your implication that everyone who does not vote for Sanders is not a decent person is frankly offensive.

    • Well it could be paid for Hillary Clinton super Pac is spending a million dollars to get her supporters to stand up for her regardless of facts if we don’t believe you blame Hillary for taking all credibility from online supporters

  7. Personally, I think this is bullshit. And I am pretty sicknofnthebHillarubisbagiddess and Bernie is a fruitcake narrative … Just as I am sick of the ‘Hillary is Satan’ narrative. We all have our preferences and either one is a sight better than any GOP candidate on offer. We vote in the primary for whoever we prefer and/or are passionate about but when it comes to voting in NOVEMBER we MUST vote for the DEMOCRAT nominee because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate no matter which one it is. And FYI Marcela Thomas …. I am FAR from poor and I, along with many of my friends, also far from poor, voted for Bernie, along with our poor friends and neighbors. Probably best not to condescend.

  8. Bernie’s simplistic approach to complex problems associated with economic inequality has no logic or solutions. Bernie is making promises that are not remotely feasible or realistic. Bernie is a con-man, just like Trump.

  9. This is an issue, that like Bernie, his supporters just don’t understand, you either get it or you don’t and they don’t, for example when Bernie was first asked, ” does Black Lives Matter ” he said all lives matter, after taking some heat for his answer, he later said in one of the early debates, when asked ” does Black Lives Matter ” he answered yes, Black Lives Matter, it’s not that he isn’t aware of the issues black people face he believes the issues can be solved through income, but they can’t be.

    • Matt there is a way to stop mass incarnation, stop committing crimes, if someone shot you or robbed you would you want that person to go to prison, I’m not sure what the opposition is to locking up criminals.

    • Well we could stop arresting people for stupid shit like pot and why is it black people getting busted for pot most of the white people I know are potheads. And Sanders has talked about looking into police to stop racism in police departments which is the real problem in my opinion.

    • if you commit a crime you deserve punishment but as jay alludes to most of the time the punishment does not fit the crime mandatory minimums is a symptom of the Clinton’s administration.

    • That sounds great, but if you are a black person and you know the rules are different for you, until the rules are equal witch they may not be for a while you have to be smart about your behavior, image if half of the black men in prison had done what they needed to do to stay out of prison do you know how much of a difference they could be making right now Bernie can’t change police behavior it takes people at the voting polls , having said that people who complain about mass incarnation don’t remember the crime that was taking place in the 90’s in the black communities, something had n to be done.

    • I agree but they went way to far. It should have been for violent crimes. If your poor you can get desperate and that leads to crime. Saying we shouldn’t help them because they are criminals when they are in some cases criminals because we don’t help them is counter productive.

    • Most of the crimes were drug related and while the drug transaction may not be violent, it creates addicts and addicts comment violent crimes trust me I lived in one of those neighborhoods , not to mention a lot of those criminals got out of prison commented more crimes and went back to prison so don’t think that everyone in prison is there on a first offense.

    • Jay if we’re talking about sentences I totally agree, some of the prison time given out is too long but when you’re getting 2 and 3 strikes I have no sympathy for you.

    • Yea I get that if your a criminal you deserve to be locked up but we need to stop locking people up for stupid reasons we should mandate inpatient rehab for first offence drug charges not prison time. As for marijuana I don’t Believe it should even be a crime. And I don’t even smoke pot. As for the article I used to think that racism was a thing of the past. Lately with the media covering all these hate crimes I realized I was very wrong. We definitely need to work to fix these problems but if we ignore the class problems till we fix the racial problems then we will never fix anything. We need to work on both. I mean how long has it been since Lincoln abolished slavery and we still have serious problems with racism. It’s ridiculous and I’m so very annoyed with humanity’s lack of progress. But if we are going to put all our focus on fighting hate then nothing will ever be done about the class issues. Nothing gets done on the class issues then the poor and middle class get even poorer till the entire economy collapses. We need to fight racism, homophobia, and class warfare all at the same time.

    • Wow! You don’t know what a nuanced answer is. The while BLM movement is predicated on blacks, alone, but there are more than blacks in this country.

      When you’re running for President, you don’t get to regard just one group. Bernie has spent his life, looking out for all demographics, including marching with Dr. King.

      Sadly, you’re part of the problem children who don’t REALLY understand the issue or anything he says. The problem is you, not him.

    • Andrew no one is saying that all demographics aren’t important or that class is not important what he’s saying is people have to be made to feel that they are equal in this country no matter there economic status is, and there is no denying that black people are looked upon let’s just say differently in this country, not by all, but there is still work to be done, what he’s telling you is that for black people it doesn’t matter how much money you have you are made to feel a certain way and people who won’t acknowledge that, without knowing it allow it to continue.

  10. Lmao Theyve been saying that since 3% in the polls last summer ,which is where Kasich was LAST month and nobody counts him out, all the way to winning 6 landslides in a row after the confederate states where done voting-wake up

  11. It’s an Oligarchy not a democracy. Money isn’t free speech, until this nation rises up and fights the money corrupting our political system we essentially are getting screwed. It is a government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations and the people are not represented. Some blindly except this. For this one reason, and this reason alone, Bernie Sanders is better than all the candidates. Until then enjoy the Best Government that MONEY CAN BUY…………and enjoy being a fool thinking that your vote actually counts.

  12. Because the DNC is against it. It won’t last much longer, the DNC that is. All Bernie supporters will be considering themselves independents after this race. You’ve gone and burned down your own house trying to control it. Congratulations.

  13. Bernie Sanders talks talks talks 25 years in Congress. 1 major legislation after all hell broke lose with Walter Reed hospital. Showing Bernie how careless he was with our veterans.
    This guy was absent from public view 35 years. Now he talks of years of hypocrisy the career politician grandfather corrupt policies. Now he calls it corrupt. People want so much to believe lies conspiracies theories. Slanderous accusations. Started out with the replubican’s now Bernie Sanders has made it his own.

    • I know it is hard to see reality. For 25 years lies conspiracies theories, Slanderous accusations, disrespectful discrimination, sexism, homophobia, and hate all from the replubican’s and now Bernie Sander’s with their media propaganda. Have taken over the weakest of minds .
      Well demons are pointing thier Fingers mashing their teeth and claiming others are doing wrong to take the Focus off themselves well they cheat , still.,and lie about their records.

      Look for your self may you open your eyes see the truth for your self. You will see as the world knows Hillary Clinton the most honored American in history. The most admired woman in the world. For a reason she does what what needs to be done. For the people. Unlike Bernie Sanders she has honors to show for it.

    • Bahaha. Hil is the most honored American in history? Really? Is that why she lost to an unknown Senator in 2008? Is that why SO MANY AMERICANS will NEVER vote for her? Bahaha. That is the best joke I’ve read all day. #stillsanders

    • Thing about Hillary Clinton she out classed Bernie Sanders in Congress. She had more bills passed then Bernie Sanders did when she was 1st lady. Looks like Hillary Clinton has a history of sticking it to man. That’s why they make up lies about her. Just can’t cope with a smarter stronger and accomplished woman and now the colt members are crying.

    • He is beyond poser. He starts out on the negative. Now he wondering why super delegates won’t support him. And he thinks because he poser Democrat that the rules should be set for him to win.
      Now that he has refused to fulfill his contract with the Democratic Party . To help the State representative election fund and campaign for them. He refused even though he has more campaign funds then Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton gave over half of her campaign funds to help state representatives.

      State representative . This is where your vote really matters. more Democratic state representatives into Congress state Congress governors mayors district attorneys all Democrats get funding and support form presidential candidates . So that the Democratic agenda the voters agenda supports the presidency agenda.
      For someone who has been a politician 39 years he would build his coalition, butt has. Done the same old Bernie Sanders loner game.
      that made his 39 years as a do-nothing politician and 25 years Congressman part of that gridlock Congress.
      Unknown tell he jumped on the back of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’sfame.

      We need a president that acknowledges all Americans. Not just brainwashed dreamers.
      We need a president that has proven leadership ability at home and far beyond our borders . Not one that hypocritical and willing to work with others.
      We need leadership that will listen to all side and will to change their views to do what’s best for this country. Not one that is unwilling to rethink a issue just because they are to arrogant to see they are wrong. Then doubles down on stupidity.
      We a president that stand their ground and not be published aside then cower away. Oooo here you go it’s .

      Bernie Sanders for president just is not presidential. We need proven problem solver.
      Not a president that want it all his way. Or will cry corruption every time he doesn’t get his way.

      Hillary Clinton is the only one that has the knowledge, experience, the temperament, the patience. The endurance and the backing of elected officials Democratic and some replubicans. Over qualified but she loves this country like a MOMA.
      Vote Hillary Clinton in your primaries so she can get your state’s Democratic representatives in office and get your voice heard and your government working with you.

    • They spent years trying to discredit Hillary Clinton.
      Still nothing proven. Why because when your that good people like all of you are envious .
      Only thing proven is her work for the people.
      More honors them republicans combined.
      See its true the better you are the more the demons hate you for it

  14. The only “Revolution” I cared about seeing get more successful was Prince & The Revolution back in the early 80’s and I knew Prince…..And Bernie Sanders is “NO” Prince!!!!

  15. truth is ya talk all this shit about bernie and about Hillary when none of these fucks are going to do a damn thing for any of us we the people need to make the change in this country not these assholes in washington

  16. It won’t work because Muricans are morons. Bernie’s ideas actually work in the entire first world. Every single developed nation. We are a third world nation as far as our government policies as we now have two right wing parties

    Bernie is a far leftist here but in the rest of the first world, he’d be a moderate. That’s how regressive the US is today

    And yet, the peasants for the plutocracy are too damn intellectually lazy to research this shit so they parrot establishment propaganda from the oligarchy who stands to lose percentages of wealth gains as it comes back to the working and middle class.

    These morons are against their own standards of living

  17. No he has not missed that. He says what you’re saying all the time. Especially about the prison system we have now.Brought to us by Bill Clinton and a funder of Hillary.

  18. How do great civilizations fall? In the cases of both the Roman and British Empires, first they spread themselves around the world, over threw foreign countries, attempted to convert them over to their type of government, and benefitted from their resources. Simultaneously, their politicians back home became financially and morally corrupt. The chokehold of the corrupt establishment politicians over their people and their interventionist policies resulted in the demise of their own civilizations. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, the USA is in the middle of this process right now. If it can be stopped here, it must be done first by a people’s revolution overthrowing our corrupt political establishment.

  19. I’ve never heard of garnet news. Now all the sudden you have a bunch of money to pay for sponsored content on opinionated fact less articles bashing Bernie Sanders. Hill dog? Is that you?

  20. Nixon’s class war on America (which has proscribed the political mythology of public relations disinformation since) is creaking and collapsing in on itself.

    Just because people have been propagating bullshit to each other for forty years doesn’t make any of it more true than it was.

    The ‘Will’ to change is the HARD part.

  21. So because the man is beyond the race issue, (not because we elected a black prisdent )but because its just one part of many issues that faces this country I think punch of white men and women calling for a race equailty gender equailty economic educational equailty is a wonderfull thing its better then a punch of minority calling for it we are going to continue to have race issue unfortunatly but to say we drop all other issue that hurt everybody black white hispanic untill we resolve that is selfish, the fact is in the last 30 years for every mistake this country has made you will find a bernie sanders vedio tells us not to do it thats the issue forsight ,, now I do not have the honor of being arrested in 62 for defending the civil right movement like bernie but we should ask ourselves and the author a question whom do you trust with the race issue bernie sanders or any other candidate???

  22. Oh really isn’t that just what they said about F.D.R I mean come on we have been living under moderate conservative system’s since regan and yes Clinton and Obama have carried them on,….Roosevelt did what they say couldn’t be done the being of the great society middle class started growing and growing and he was overwhelmingly elected 4 times. ….so don’t tell me it can’t be done…..U people just keep listening to the spin from corporate elitist like the Clintons

  23. This is a junk article - the thesis statement is false. Sanders-Clinton isn’t about “class vs race ” it’s about “do we allow the ongoing Neoliberal corporate take over of our government or do we joint together to stop it”.

  24. Identity politics is ripping the country apart. Pitting one group of Americans against another for political gain in the epitome of evil. We need to get to where we accept that we’re all Americans with differences that make us stronger as a nation. Instead of blaming people we disagree with for our own shortcomings.

  25. The voting public in general is stupid. The electorate know this. And comparing Sanders corruption to the Clinton’s is like comparing a ditch to the Grand Canyon!

  26. As far as judgment goes, Hillary governs in a way that will benefit her pocketbook. So her judgment is effectively poor. She believes her own lies because she is governed by her want for power and money. Not her good will. The dumbness of the Hillbots never ceases to amaze me! ?

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