Florida’s law barring same-sex marriage have remained on the books, even after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, and despite a federal judge’s finding that two laws and provisions of the Florida’s own constitution defining marriage as being between a man and a woman were unconstitutional in March of this year. The predominantly Republican legislature has simply refused to take up a bill to remove the oppressive laws and language.

While many of the state’s top officials have offered condolences and platitudes calling for unity in the wake of the nation’s worst mass shooting—including Gov. Rick Scott, a staunch defender of gun rights and opponent of gay marriage, and Florida AG Pam Bondi—they have done little to truly support the LGBT community in Florida, now or in the past.

In fact, in keeping with Republican and NRA talking points, many of these officials continue to either sidestep the fact that this was a hateful attack on gay people or to directly avoid it altogether, all the while denying their past hostile actions towards the LGBT community.

-Danielle Bizzarro

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