She would have to come home from school because the bullying was so intense. But Egypt Ufele found a way to fight back and feel better about herself.  She took to her sewing machine and started to make clothing for her dolls.  Now she is launching her own line of clothing at Chubbiiline after having debuted at Fashion Week in New York.

See the video at Salon


  1. Love it! I was a chubby girl too. So happy to see you, at 10 years old, take up the mantra for chubby girls. “…and a little child shall lead them.”

  2. I think what she is doing is such a wonderful thing.Continue your designes, and your line of fashion. I have a 7 year old over weight granddaughter. I would love to order her some clothes from your line. You are such a young positive enflunce on all young children. Keep your head up and continue to thrive. Mrs. Carma Clark

  3. I personally feel through this, Ify have shown there are various methods & interventions in adressing this problem, not allowing it to take control over who you are as a holistic human being. Great job, strong girl, great asset to our society.

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