At 36-29-43, Bree Warren fills a gap in the fashion industry for ‘in-between’ models—women who are neither ‘plus’ nor ‘straight-size.’ Here, Warren talks with Elle’s Kristina Rodulfo about inspiring young girls and the role of a body positivity activist. Take it from Warren, obsessing over size is just not worth it.

It is so dated to label models based on size, but I don’t believe dropping the tag “plus-size” will eliminate the problem. Women need to support each other and stop comparing and criticizing. That’s what I’m really all about; I don’t think it should be one versus the other. It is so important for the next generation to see a variety of body types, looks, and sizes represented in fashion. Let’s book a model because we love her and that’s it. When brands have the confidence to book models with different bodies, then women will start to believe in their own bodies.

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